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2008-04-07, 08:28 AM
I was thinking about the Linear Guild expansion and decided to make a list of possible cards for it. I have placed some below, and will add any of your's to it.

Nale's Shticks

PARTY LEADER VETO (curtis) - same as Roy's.

Sabine's Shticks

SECOND IN COMMAND (curtis) - same as Haley's
FLIGHT (curtis) - Flip this card to end your turn in a room with monsters in without attacking. (You may still pick up loot.) Boost: +1 loot.
LEVEL DRAIN (curtis) - -1 attack/defence from 1 monster/player until the end of the turn. Boost: extra -1 attack/defence.
PREVIOUS...AQUAINTANCES? (Patrick) - Dismiss any fiend in the same room as you.

Thog's Shticks

Hilgya's Shticks

DARKVISION (curtis) - same as Durkon's
CURE ASSORTED WOUNDS (curtis) - same as Durkon's
"STONECUNNING" (curtis) - Move to any room on your floor with another player in.

Yik-Yik's Shticks

TOTALLY JUSTIFIED REVENGE/LEFT MY THREATENED AREA (Patrick) - same as Belkar's Deep-Seated Emotional Problems

Zz'dtri's Shticks

FLIGHT (curtis) - Flip this card to end your turn in a room with monsters in without attacking. (You may still pick up loot.) Boost: +1 loot
MYSTERIOUS LIGHTENING OF DOOM (Tempest Fennac) - same as V's Lightening Bolt
WALL OF ICE (Tempest Fennac) - Stop anyone from entering or exiting an adjacent room for the next turn
COPYRIGHT SCIMITARS (curtis) - Combat Shtick

Leeky's Shticks

NAMESAKE STAFF (curtis) - Combat Shtick
BEARFORM (curtis) - Combat Schtick
STONESKIN (curtis) - same as V's Blackwing

Yok-Yok's Shticks

YOU KILLED MY FATHER (Curtis) - same as Belkar's Deep-Seated Emotional Problems

Pompey's Shticks

SUMMON MONSTER II (curtis) - Combat Shtick

Loot Cards

Trap Cards

Encounter Cards

Tempest Fennac
2008-04-08, 06:52 AM
Zz'dtri could have a "Mysterous Lightning of Doom" attack which works the same was as V's Lightning Bolt. Also, could he use Wall of Ice to stop monsters from acting for 3 rounds?

2008-04-08, 09:13 PM
Actually, I was hoping they would use Linear Guild 2.0 - Pompey, the Inigo Montoya kobold, and the crazy druid - they're a bit more different from the Order than the first Linear Guild, and you could go for some more varied cards - honestly, I'd like to see more of them before the expansion comes out.
Anyway, sorry 'bout that, this is about the cards!
I'd like to see Sabine with a card with a title like "Previous... acquantances?" where when she encounters a fiend-type monster card, she can automatically defeat it, through the magic of presumably having bumped the uglies in the past.
In order for the kobold to be most like an anti-Belkar, you could give it the "totally justified revenge" schtick, which, like some of Belkar's, could give it a bonus against other player-characters.

2008-04-14, 02:27 PM
OK, added your ideas and some new ones of my own. Also Linear guild 2.

2008-04-15, 01:46 PM

Out of fudge ripple:
A teamplay shtick. At any point one of Thogs other team mates may flip this shtick during their turn. Thog will make an attack against the person they say stole his fudge ripple

rocket skates:
thog moves an extra square

inner greenness:
thog gets a bonus on attacks against goblins, orcs, and anything thats green

thog not get references:
flip to disregard any attacks from a verbal shtick?

magic shtick. I guess. like roys critter bag!

2008-04-15, 09:42 PM
Haha, those are pretty clever. The "fudge ripple one" seems too powerful, but the rocket skates and the "not get references" are funny as heck