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2008-04-07, 07:00 PM
I was playing No More Heroes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_More_Heroes_%28video_game%29) the other day when a thought struck me: "What would happen if your stereotypical band of fantasy heroes were in this game? I have a nice time imagining a paladin wielding a beam katana...Hey, why not ask the boards if they like this!"

So, players, through means left to be defined by them, come into possesion of beam-katana type weapons, and end up joining a widespread orginization of assasins and hitmen. Given that one does not wish to be stabbed in the back by rivals, they decide to team up in a parody of Power Ranger-like super teams. Now, they have to move up the ranks of the orginazation while avoiding the machanations of said rivals, killing other assasins, and killing people other people want dead.

And just to screw with them, the orginazation has banned evil members from teaming up together like the PCs are forced to by DM fiat(they're just as tired of "loose cannon" evil parties as the rest of us), so they have to do all this while having a moral compass. Hey, who says the forces of good can't be selfish, amoral criminals?

So, is this a good idea?

And in case you can't tell, that line about selfish, amoral criminals was more than a little sarcastic. Any game based on No More Heroes is more than a little sarcastic.

Gorbash Kazdar
2008-04-07, 07:53 PM
I think this could work, though I'm not sure d20 is the best system for it. If I was using d20, I'd definitely go with a variant of d20 Future, or perhaps a fusion of d20 Future and Star Wars d20 (or Saga). You'd need to play fast and loose with the rules as far as what the characters can do, with "is this cool?" being the deciding factor. Personally, I'd steal borrow Exalted's concept of awarding bonuses for good description of attacks and so forth as well.

Does anyone know if Paranoia d20 is any good? It strikes me that a lot of concepts from that game could port over to a No More Heroes game - the two share a certain over-the-top humor and good portions of absurdity.

As for other systems, BESM/TriStat might work, given how much anime influence runs through No More Heroes' veins. Plus, there are plenty of ridiculous traits and abilities to choose from, and creating new ones is fairly easy.

For extra irony, the Hero System could fit very well. Ability wise, the characters from No More Heroes are essentially super-heroic in ability. The difference is all in attitude. Plus, I can more easily imagine stating a beam saber as a power in that system than in d20... In fact, I might just toss out Travis' beam katana in a little bit, I need to refresh myself on the system first.

2008-04-08, 12:30 AM
I agree it would be a fun campaign, just not sure if you're asking for systems or homebrew or what to make it happen.