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2008-04-09, 05:19 AM
I have a quick question; something which is a bit of a lead on from an idea that I picked up in another thread not that long ago.

Assuming, for a moment, that is it possible to combine the Half-Dragon template with the Warforged race (Strange concept, I know... but technically possible since the warforged could 'inherit' the template during creation). How does its types/subtypes work out? Does it retain the traits of the living construct subtype? I think I've confused myself a little here.

Additionally, should said Dragonforged be able to attain a Con of 25, could he then take the Draconomicon feat that grants Fast Healing 3? I know the living construct subtype says you don't heal naturally... but how does that interact with things like fast healing and regeneration? (He could HAVE regeneration, since he has a Con score... but I can't see such limitations on fast healing).


Illiterate Scribe
2008-04-09, 05:45 AM
You wouldn't need the fast healing feat to get fast healing; stuff like the soldier of light PrC would work.

Crazy Scot
2008-04-09, 05:58 AM
I believe if you look on the WotC website in the FAQ about Eberron you will see that Warforged are technically Constructs with the "living construct" subtype. As such, you can add any template to them that you could add to a construct, and since they are "living" if a template can be added to "any living creature" it can be added to a Warforged. I also believe the actually use the example of a Warforged Half-Dragon and say that it is a fully authorized combination. As to your "type" afterward, I don't believe your type would change since once you are a construct you are always a construct. If you look in Savage Species on page 143, it specifically says that "Once a creature becomes ... a construct... it cannot become something else." I know that Savage Species is a 3.0E book, but I don't remember hearing a change to this in 3.5, so it is the best reference I could get.

As to getting fast healing/regeneration, if you look in the book Races of Eberron, there is a feat called Improved Resiliency. This feat makes you immune to nonlethal damage but lose the ability to benefit from regeneration or fast healing, even if you would gain those qualities through magic or the application of a template. That being said, I believe that if you could get regeneration or fast healing you should gain the benefits of it as long as you don't take that feat. And as for qualifying for the feat Fast Healing from the Draconomicon, there seems to be no reason you couldn't take it if you got your Con up to 25.

2008-04-09, 06:14 AM
Great, thanks for the help. I went with the high Con and the feat instead of the PrC because the ECL of the game he will be in isn't that high (8, I believe), and with the hefty LA of half-dragon he would be crippled without a lofty Con score and decent HD to help the HP off the ground.

He's currently standing at Barbarian 2 (Lion totem variant for pounce)/Fighter 2 (for bonus feats, another problem with LA)/Warblade 1 (To get Moment of Perfect Mind, because his will save blows... er... chunks). He's bought down the LA by one, so that puts him at ECL 7 technically (but 8 for purposes of creation and joining the game).

Grabbed extra rage, power attack, adamantine body and fast healing (3). He's kitted out with an item to get his Con up past the 25 mark (since Con 18, +1 stat, +2 Warforged, +2 Half Dragon is only 23) and a Mageslayer greatsword (I think that was the right name of the enchantment). He pretty much dominates most combat encounters by raging, slipping into Punishing Stance and pouncing (or mountain hammer-ing) anything that comes close.

Relatively untested against casters so far... but can anyone suggest any affordable items/enchantments that might help him (Since will save is simply abominable, and moment of perfect mind will only help him once every other turn at best)


2008-04-09, 07:13 AM
You should call him Mechagodzilla.

2008-04-09, 07:27 AM
I would... but unfortunately he can't be enlarge person-ed because he's a Dragon Construct (living). Expansion aside (He has 6 Wisdom, so I won't be going PsyWarrior anytime soon) is there any other way to increase his size for some real godzilla action? (Fire breathing and all!)

2008-04-09, 07:44 AM
He's currently standing at Barbarian 2 (Lion totem variant for pounce)/Fighter 2 (for bonus feats, another problem with LA)/Warblade 1 (To get Moment of Perfect Mind, because his will save blows... er... chunks). He's bought down the LA by one, so that puts him at ECL 7 technically (but 8 for purposes of creation and joining the game).

Technically he can't buy off the first point of LA until level 9 its 3x current LA so for a +3 it is at levels 9, 15, and 18.

Edit: Also, he is solely a construct. He does not have the dragon type because being a construct overrides it.

2008-04-09, 07:49 AM
Oh yeh, my bad. Thats what I get for scribbling notes down at work when I'm AFB. Still fine though, he's still ECL 8 and probably capable of taking on most of the non-flying, non-full caster encounters solo. He's going to need some method for flying or getting around faster though, 20 move is pretty slow (but if he hits you, you'll certainly feel it!)

Hmm... if he doesn't gain the dragon type, does he still get darkvision/low light vision and immunity to the energy type of his breath weapon? (He's already immune to sleep and paralysis through living construct, so those don't really matter)

2008-04-09, 08:03 AM
You know, I don't know... I would imagine not because those things are granted be the dragon type (see SRD). However, the template expressly says you gain those abilities. I guess by RAW you still get all of your immunities.

2008-04-09, 08:09 AM
the wu jen class in Complete Arcane has Giant Size 7th level spell, not creature type requirement, maxes out at Colossal (72 ft high)

Sound ok?

2008-04-09, 08:22 AM
Hmm... 7th level might be hard to muster, especially in Wu Jen. I can imagine a Half-Dragon Warforged is probably a little questionable in their code of conduct, well at least as far as I remember. Will have to look at the class again when I get home to my books.

Seems a little counter-productive really, considering the concept as a fairly devoted fighter type. Then again... Collossal Mechagodzilla does conjure up quite an amusing mental image for a D&D game :smallbiggrin:

One last thought: Warforged Juggernaut... Fast healing doesn't specify a requirement of a Con score, like regeneration does, so would it be possible to grab the juggernaut levels, become a true construct, and still have the fast healing? (iirc, they just gain back the other immunities they lost because of the living subtype, lose their Con score, and can't be subject to healing spells).

Chances are I'll stay with Warblade, and possibly go into Bloodstorm Blade for some ranged ability (If he can't reach the fliers with his breath weapon, a returning greatsword might be just the ticket). That is, unless someone can suggest any other PrCs or base classes that might be more in keeping?