View Full Version : Some New Weapon Bounuses, magic items, ect

2008-04-09, 11:50 AM
Greater <energy> THis is applied to a flaming, frost, ect weapon. The weapon does twice the energy damage as normal. COST +2 bouns

Greater Energy Burst This functions as a <type>ing Burst weapon, but twice as powerfull cost +4 bounus

Positive Energy: Positive weapons always glow with energy and do 1d6 extra damage to undead and evil outsiders. They are treated as having Ghost TOuch against evils.

Negative Energy: THese weapons seem enveloped by a dark cloud and spread darkness. They do extra damage against good outsiders.

Items: Overkill Badges: Each one of 6 these badges benefits an ability by +15 and gives a small bounus (+2) to the most related other ability. In funny campaings, these can be weird because a natural 16 or greater on ANY D20 roll causes an at least partially beneficial overkill effect. You could roll on a chart or have the DM determine.

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2008-04-09, 04:45 PM
can a negative energy burst weapon heal undead?

2008-04-10, 06:24 PM
ummm.. Maybe you can use the negative energy a few times a day. I dont know. Same thing for positive.