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Based on Kitsune. If PEACH means help me make this playable, please PEACH.

Student of the Fox
Most have forgotten the wisdom and power of the foxes in the world, but there are those few to whom the most ancient of these creatures reveal themselves. Whether the individual honors the ancient traditions regarding the foxes or has simply gained their favor through good deals and clever tricks, she has invariably picked up on some of the magic these creatures wield and made it their own.
They tend to be good looking, with subtle fox features. This, coupled with their strange powers, tends to earn them a good deal of interest from their communities. On the other hand, a Student of the Fox who does not wish to be found is nearly impossible to locate; itís a simple thing for a Student to change faces and leave a city in secret, even while the entire populace watches.

Adventures: Many Students adventure to test and discover creative new uses for their magic. Others follow the long-loved fox tradition of using their magic to trick those with personality flaws. These tricks may be as gentle as tricking a prideful man into shaving his head, or as cruel as leaving a boastful warrior trapped in a pit filled with starving creatures. Others still wish to return the old foxes to fame and honor by displaying their powers for the populace. Such individuals realize that even if they succeed in their goals, the foxes wonít share their knowledge with just anyone, but the masses need not know that, and it would be such a great trickÖ

Characteristics: Students of the Fox have almost unmatched power over illusions. Their power comes from the secret knowledge possessed by the foxes, which in turn was given to them by the fox god. The restrictiveness of their abilities has lead them to also adapt some of the skills not normally possessed by spellcasters, and has even forced them to be slightly tougher than the usual arcane trickster.

Alignment: With some exceptions, Students are almost always chaotic. A few may tend toward law due their devotion to ancient traditions, but most are chaotic at heart.

Religion: Many Students take up worship of the fox god, others worship more mainstream trickster gods, and others still forego worship of any deity choosing to rely on their own abilities above all else.

Races: Elves and humans are the most common Students of the Fox due to their innately chaotic natures. Dwarves and other less chaotically aligned races are almost never taught the secret knowledge by the foxes.

Other Classes: Students find a kindred spirit in sorcerers due to their chaotic personalities and similar magic. Clerics of trickster deities are like cousins to them, and even wizards can relate to a student of strange, magical knowledge. They tend to see martially inclined classes as too straightforward, and pity the limited grasp a ranger has of his magic. Druids are friends to the creatures that Students love so much. Rogues are seen either as talented individuals capable of performing stealthy operations without the blessings of the foxes, or as poor imitations of true tricksters.

Role: A student is an ideal scout and spy with transformation and illusion magic that makes her blend in or completely disappear from any location.

Skills: rogue skill list+ spellcraft
Skill points: 6+int X 4

1. Fox Familiar,
2. 2nd Tail
4. Form of the Fox 1/day, 3rd Tail
5. Fox Faced, Master of Illussions
6. 4th Tail
8. Form of the Fox 2/day, 5th Tail
10. 6th Tail, Fox Faced, Master of Illussions
12. Form of the Fox 3/day, 7th Tail
14. 8th Tail
15. Fox Faced, Master of Illussions
16. Form of the Fox 4/day, 9th Tail
20. Servant of the Fox God, Fox Faced

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Reflex Save|Will Save|Special|
1st|0|0|2|0| Fox Familiar, spellcasting
2nd|1|0|3|0|Second Tail
4th|3|1|4|1|Form of Fox 1/day, 3rd Tail
5th|3|1|4|1|Fox Faced, Master of Illusions +1
6th|4|1|5|2|4th Tail
8th|6/1|3|2|5|Form of the Fox 2/day, 5th Tail
10th|7/2|3|7|6|Fox FAced, 6th Tail, Master of Illusions+2
12th|9/4|||Form of the Fox 3/day, 7th Tail
14th|10/5|||8th Tail
15th|11/6/1|||Fox Faced, Master of Illusions +3
16th|12/7/2|||Form of the Fox 4/day
20th|15/10/5|||Servant of the Fox God, Fox Faced[/table]

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