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2008-04-12, 05:03 AM
Hello everyone!

Im starting a campaig soon at level 1. It will be a long running campaign, probably to atleast lvl 10. If we dont screw up or die on the way. ^^

Bards have always intrigued me, and this time im gonna try playing one for the first time.

I thought I would give her a sacred vow and vow of non-violence, but my DM will only allow it if I come up with a good backstory. He thinks it is to cheesy for a lvl one char. (Is it really? Im a newbie at DND, but it looks kinda weak. I chose it mostly for flavour. There are other exalted feats that seems to be a bit cheesy, but Im not gonna take them until later levels.)

We'll be playing brothers and sisters, no one older than 16 years old. That makes it a bit trickier to come up with a backstory I think. But heres what I got so far:

(Insert name here) Lived in a small village with her parents and younger brother. When she was 6years old, she was playing alone in the forest and the village was attacked by a band of orcs. Killing most of the villagers including her parents. (kliché I know) When she comes out of hiding she sees a unicorn walking among the dead looking for survivors to heal. (unicorn because you need to be granted these feats by a powerful cleric or celestial.)

She joins him and tries to help as much as she can. But the only survivor is a young orc. Screaming she jumps at it, but the unicorn stops her. Explaining that it is never right to harm another helpless being. The unicorn proceeds to heal the fallen orc and sends him on his way. This greatly upsets the little girl who wanted revenge.

Later on she is adopted by a very kind and noble family, and grows up to be a fine girl who greatly admires her mothers kindness, a devoted cleric of tyr.

One day, she is babysitting her younger siblings. Playing hide and seek, and other games in the small forest outside of town. When suddenly a (insert appropriate monster) appears. She defends the little ones as much as she can, but is no match for (monster). All seems lost when out of nowhere an orc bursts out and saves the day. =) This one happens to be the same orc that was spared by the unicorn a few years ago. He has abandoned his old faith (some evil orc god) and joined the (whatever good tribe of orcs exists in this world. Dont know the setting yet).

Long story short, the both of them, becoming good friends go searching for the unicorn, wishing to thank it. This is where she learns she can channel magic through music.

Eventually they find it in a glade. Explaining to it what has happened and giving their thanks, unicorn tells them lots of wise stuff. Tells the girl that violence is never necessary and that she will do much better in life without ever hurting another sentient being. That all creatures can be turned to appreciate the good things in life, and choose a better path. And tells her that if she can make a promise, never to hurt another sentient being again, she will be given better ways to protect herself and her allies with both magic and music.

The orc, on the other hand, gets a vow of obedince. The unicorn thinking that everyone have different abilitys, and that the orc will do good in a completly different way.

Would this work? Excuse my grammar and spelling, english is not my first language. And the story is not the most original, Im no storyteller.

But what do you think? Is this even possible? What would you change? Do you have a better story up your sleave?

All suggestions are greatly appreciated. =)

2008-04-12, 09:32 AM
The backstory is good but you should probably clear it with your dm first.

2008-04-12, 09:41 AM
Istari, the backstory is for the DM in the first place. In order for me to get the feats, I had to right up a backstory on how I got them. This is it. ^^

So I will definatly clear it with DM before we play, otherwise I will have to scratch the concept and start over. :smallsmile:

2008-04-12, 09:43 AM
It can certainly be done - I've played a bard (singer) with absolutely zero combat ability who also got physically ill when seeing dead bodies and such. Your character looks like they would be a great addition to a group with a focus on healing and protection.

The only thing I can see as a character problem is how are they with others performing acts of violence? Being bound by non-violence and such seems like she would be the type to get others to find a non-violent solution (especially since the orc turned out good because of it). It won't be much fun to play the proverbial wet blanket to the rest of the groups plan of busting heads. Of course if her pacifism only extends to defeated or otherwise helpless enemies the rest of the party shouldn't have a problem reaching a compromise.

Otherwise the character concept is pretty solid, and cliche is not really a problem so long as the character is distinct in game - I find backstory tends to shift and change a bit as characters develop in the first few games anyway. The only change I can think of at the moment would be to swap the noble family for some sort of monastic order for a better explaination of why you get all these divine powers and have the vows (and why she became a cleric). It still allows for a strong maternal figure through a mentor or the like, but is a bit less fairy-tale so may help with the DM's cheesy comment.

2008-04-12, 09:59 AM
Zorg, Thanks for your input. =)

She is ok with other people using force if necessary. It is just not her path. So that wont be a problem for the group unless they start torturing people or killing helpless enemies and such.
The noble family is the DMs choice, all PCs are siblings from the same family. So no changing that. ^^

2008-04-12, 10:15 AM
The noble family is the DMs choice, all PCs are siblings from the same family. So no changing that. ^^

Heh, feel free to quote what I said to your DM to point out one person's cheesy is another's awesome. Was their something in particular he disagreed with or a more general feel to it?

2008-04-12, 11:07 AM
Zorg, I think we misunderstood eachother there. With cheese I meant overpowered. Is that not a correct use of the word? If that is the case I apologise. :smallsmile:

He thinks it is to overpowered for a low level char to get +4 DC to her spells so long as she doesnt cause harm to anyone. But if I could come up with a backstory that explained it, he would allow it. ^^

Both sacred vow and vow of nonviolence is exalted feats, and as such needs to be granted by a celestial or cleric. Hence the unicorn. :smallsmile:

2008-04-13, 08:18 AM
Yeah, it would appear we did (or I did :smallwink: ). Anyways I think it's fine, since you're not dealing damage (I'd heavily restrict the spell list anyways) the only game issue would be any buffs to your team making them harder to kill, but I'd just throw tougher stuff at you then.

From a DM perspective the only thing he may not like is the nature of the divine intervention and being adopted as that may clash with a planned storyline, but that should be easy to work around.

2008-04-13, 08:28 AM
Um, didn't you just steal that from BoED?

2008-04-13, 08:42 AM
FlWiPig, Um.. yes, it looks that way doesnt it?
But honestly no, I had the story figured out before I even got my hands on BoED. I only stole the unicorn part. In my story it was a cleric. And so it happens to be almost exactly the same story, but I didnt exactly steal it. It is just a coincidence. :smallbiggrin:

Zorg, thanks again for your all your help. The story is now DM-approved, and I'll be playing my pascifist bard on tuesday. ^^