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2008-04-13, 04:34 PM
People are allured into adventuring by the gleam of treasure, the force of magic, and the smell of power. However, some are drawn by wonder of the beasts that scour the world. These people are naturalists, who become experts at studying the form of organisms and bettering the world with that knowledge.
HD: d6
BAB: 3/4 HD
Saves: +12 Will, +6 Fort and Reflex
4 + Int Modifier skills. x4 for first level.

Abilities: Intelligence is your desire, your forte, your everything. Dexterity can be good for using some of the abilities you gain, but aside from that, you can be flexible on how you apply your skills.

Alignment: Naturalists rarely care about good or evil, only the ascertation of their knowledge. They tend towards neutrality, and lean towards lawfulness due to their admiration for the laws of nature.

Class Skills:
Proficiency: The naturalist is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, and shields.

Class Features:

Surgery (Ex)- A Naturalist must learn anatomy if he wants to truly learn the differences between organisms, so he acquaints himself with surgery. He can use this ability to heal an ally of wounds. When out of combat, a Naturalist makes a Heal check which the DC is decided by the DM. If he succeeds, the naturalist heals 1d4 per level (max 10d4).

Dissection (Ex)- A Naturalist is obsessed with dissecting organisms and learning how they tick. For every creature that leaves a corpse, the Naturalist can take it and later observe how it's body functions. If he does, the next time he adventures, he can relearn favored enemy for that creature's type every morning by studying his notes.

Application (Ex)- If the Naturalist watches a creature of a species he has already dissected, he can take a -2 to his attack roll to treat the attack as a sneak attack as a rogue his level. To do this, however, he must watch the opponent for two rounds to note individual mutations. At tenth level, if he can flank the opponent, he is able to paralyze or kill the creature if it fails a Fortitude save (DC 20). If the creature succeeds on the save, it still takes the damage as a sneak attack.

Extract (Ex)- At 5th level, the Naturalist can extract a natural weapon from a beast and fashion into a weapon for himself with a successful Craft check (DC 15). Thusly, he can use a creature's claws as gauntlets, natural poison as a venom attack, or natural armor as wearable armor the Naturalist becomes automatically proficient with.

Remove Poison/Disease (Sp)- The Naturalist learns how to cure diseases or poisons, normal or supernatural, with a successful Heal Check.

Experiment- At 8th level, the naturalist gains the ability to create a familiar of any size from Tiny to Medium. The familiar can be a combination of any two beasts that the naturalist has studied and dissected. One body serves as the Base (which provides the STR, DEX, and CON scores, as well as size and other physical attributes), and another as the Variable, which gives bonuses to stats and special abilities such as a Displacer Beast's Displacement. Only the Naturalist can communicate with the familiar, as it only understands his commands. Creating the familiar costs 2,500 XP and 5,000 GP. If the beast perishes, he can create another one, but must repay the costs.

At 14th level, the naturalist learns how to make a Large familiar. Doing so is treated as killing and making another familiar.


I can't think of any higher level abilities. Suggestions?

2008-04-13, 04:43 PM

way too much bookkeeping. No one is going to remember how much damage each attack dealt for Surgery. Same for Dissection. It's best to create a value for Surgery and just give them Favored Enemy that can be retrained each day via a book.

Surgeon's Precision is bad. Called shots are bad. Don't do them.

2008-04-13, 06:04 PM
you also forgot to delete "soldier" from the weapon proficiency section, dissection should take a really long time, and you might try adding some sort of bonus on hide checks related to the specific creature

other than that, this is pretty interesting and original! :smallsmile: kudos!

2008-04-16, 09:06 PM
Took your advice into account, Orzel.

Also, added Experiment, which I think makes him a much better class.


2008-04-20, 12:43 AM
Add Surgeon's precision, but make it do something along the lines of increase critical threat range because of anatomical knowledge, or maybe even increase the damage from crits.