View Full Version : Sneak Attack to Splash Weapons??

2008-04-14, 05:29 PM
does anyone know of any way where you cna add sneak attack damage to splash weapons??

2008-04-14, 05:32 PM
Nope, and it would make no sense anyway, sneak attack is precision damage, using the fact that your opponent can't evade to hit in the right spots, you can't exactly be precise in terms of hitting somebody with acid.

2008-04-14, 05:34 PM
figured so much, but you never know.. maybe aiming at the eye's, or under the clothes.

2008-04-14, 05:36 PM
Well, since it requires a ranged touch attack, I'd say SA works to the primary target (but not to splash damage).

2008-04-14, 05:37 PM
The guy who actually had the vial thrown at him will take sneak attack damage, assuming the attack qualifies for such. The guys who get splashed are not subject to SA.

2008-04-14, 05:40 PM
so the first target would have sneak attack damage applied, as long as the attack would normally be qualified for sneak attack damage?

2008-04-15, 01:34 AM
Yes, as long as he actually hits the target with a vial, not misses and the target gets hit by a splash.

2008-04-15, 02:36 AM
Correct. Good use of this is a Halfling rogue (RotW Variant), as halflings get +1 with thrown weapons, and the Rogue variant gives you an extra +1d6 sneak attack damage with thrown weapons.

With Strongheart Halfling, take Point Blank Shot and Far shot. That'll give you a better Range increment, and better attack (and damage rolls) within 30. Now, your Alchemist's fire will do (assuming within 30 feet), 1d6 (base) +2d6 (sneak) +1 (point blank), and catch on fire.

Average damage, 11.5. Not too bad.
Attack roll: with a 20 dex, a level 1 halfling rogue will have: +1 size, +5 dex, +1 point blank, +1 halfling thrown weapon, for a base of +8. If your opoonent doesn't see you, tack on another +2.

Now make a touch attack against flat footed AC. Since it's energy damage, you also get to ignore DR. Energy resist still applies, so get acid flasks too.

2008-04-15, 09:49 AM
Sneak Attack works on all attacks that requires an attack roll against the target, as long as the target otherwise qualifies (ie, is flanked or denied their Dex bonus).

So Sneak Attack only applies to your initial target if you successfully roll to hit them. It does not apply to any splash damage.

It does, however, work on touch attacks. So buy yourself a Wand of Flame Blade or Flame Dagger (Spell Compendium) or something similar (there are a bunch of different ways), and use for boss fights. Or if you're dying for a thrown weapon build, take 5 levels of Master Thrower. Avoid using it in every combat - it will just make your DM raise all of your enemies' touch AC.