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2008-04-16, 06:03 PM

I had a few questions mainly about FCII.

1) Is there a consensus on the Hellreaver? It seems pretty strong to me but I may be missing something. Of course, comparisons with full casters are irrelevent but compared to a paladin for example? The fighter/ranger will take it's 9th level in it and I wanted to know as the DM what to look forward to...

2) Is there a feat to allow clerics and paladins to simply turn evil outsiders? it could be done in 3.0 could it not? I know of the censure demon knight of the chalice ability and of the Soulguard but I searched everywhere to allow the paladin of my group to do that but...

3) The current campaign takes place after one that was in 2ed and culminated with the death of Asmodeus. Converted to 3.5, my Asmodeus was about CR 40 (and killed when a character managed to become a god for a few minutes)but without any divine status at all. Same with my other archdevils. Now, how do I stat out an Archdevil about CR 25 (pit fiends are RARE) that the PCs will take ont after it has been weakened. I thought about a Steel Devil Fighter x /Exotic Weapon master 3/Other melee type x but you may have a better idea. The guy is replacing the former ruler of the 2nd level of hell and defending a muystic Sceal...

Thanks in advance

2008-04-16, 08:08 PM
Well, Asmodeus presented in FC:II is only an aspect; the real one has at least the powers of a lesser deity, if not more. According to FC:II, he bleeds Pit Fiends.

2008-04-16, 08:14 PM
I just recently picked up this book, and I'm digging a lot of stuff in it.

2008-04-16, 10:53 PM
Well, Asmodeus presented in FC:II is only an aspect; the real one has at least the powers of a lesser deity, if not more. According to FC:II, he bleeds Pit Fiends.

Yeah, and considering the power level of my games and my take on deities in my homebrewed setting, that was a BIT too powerfull. That is why I am considering making his former vassals strong but not THAT strong. To give an example (again, this was played under 2nd ed and latter adapted for comparison): He was a full hp pit fiend with 16 levels as a wizard and 5 as an archmage, with a free lesser wish every 1d4 rounds. He also had access to every magic item under 60 000 gp and had used his yearly wish 9995 times to give himself the status of ruler of hell. He kicked ""s.

But I want to know if agreeing to a Hell reaver will be a bad choice and if you have any idea for an original Archdevil, considering they only rule through political means in my setting.

2008-04-16, 11:02 PM
Hellreavers look sound. I like that they can use their abilities per encounter, not per day. But if you look closely, they get pretty much infinite healing. I think. If you let them get in combat with a cat or something.

2008-04-17, 09:42 AM
1) Hellreaver is ok at mid levels. Divine Succor is the most potent class feature. The ability to heal 10/20/30 hit points (depending on your class level) to any Good aligned creature within 20 feet as a Swift Action is quite useful. Think about it - you essentially have Fast Healing 30. Plus you get Mettle, which is helpful against a dozen or so spells (Disintegrate, Fear, Cloudkill). All the other class abilities are a waste unless you spend a ton of time fighting Outsiders with the Evil subtype.

2) Not that I'm aware of. But there are a good number of spells and class abilities that screw Evil Outsiders, so its not like you need the ability to Turn them.

3) Well, unless you're playing an Epic level game where the PCs might actually fight him, there's no reason to stat him out.