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2008-04-16, 08:58 PM
Had an interesting discussion with a few friends after a game the other night thought i might bring it here. I can only imagine its been raised before. But then again, i just signed up :P and so haven't dug enough.

What i want people is your greatest personal achivement of a character, which moment in time, individually or team based, left your dripping with the shiney grease of pure hero? Did your hurtle through the air wearing nothing but bathsuds and kill the bandit cheif with your rubber duck with 2 natural 20s? the classic eye-shot dragon? expand and explain :)

And once your've done that, give us your most comic failure, which event made you take a dive into the neg HP with such heroic stupidity or embarrasment that you should have been docked points off your Int!

I'll add mine a bit later for now, i must do this work thing. :D

2008-04-16, 09:24 PM
Best moment:

Starwars - my bounty hunter offers to make a distraction so the other players can get some prisoners out of jail. Shoots the new imperial governor from a balcony during his arrival ceremony with 200+ stormtroopers in attendance...then throws the thermal detonator. Must have had most of the garrison following me in an epic speeder chase north while the other players basically walked the prisoners to freedom in the south east. Pity they blew up my speeder at the end, but the right way to go if you have to.

Worst moments (there are oh so many)

Giving my mental illusion projectionist the disadvantage 'horrifying nightmares' in champions and waking up in hostile territory alone 'cos my dreams had been projected into the minds of my allies and they'd run away screaming in the night and got captured.

Killing an evil king in his throne room, in front of his court after sneaking in with my sorcerer. Only then remembering I'd cast invisibility not greater invisibility because I'd used up all my higher level slots earlier. They turned me into sorcerer paste and served my at the funeral if I remember correctly.

I could go on...

2008-04-16, 09:47 PM
My party is fighting a dragon on a cliffside, the dragon is backed up on the edge of the cliff, but fighting us off handedly. We had been through some pretty rough encounters previously with no time to rest. Fighter is mostly dead, cleric is out of spells, paladin is unconcious. I'm the mage, I have two spells left, magic missile, and mage hand. The dragon looks like its about to rear up on its hind legs, and on a whim during my turn, I say, "I ready an action to push the dragon with mage hand when he rears up." The DM shrugs, being generous he makes the dragon roll a balance check since the dragon is on the edge of the cliff, he rolls a 1.

Dragon falls backward fails his fly check and breaks his neck from the fall. I look at the group and say in disbelief, "I just killed a dragon with a cantrip....."

2008-04-17, 06:51 AM
I was playing a 3.0 Psion Egotist who got into an aerial battle with the Mooncalf at the top of Nightfang Spire. (My character had Wings of Flying.) I lured it away from the top of the spire and hit it with a Mind Blast. It fell 200+ feet to the ground and went unconscious. I went after it with a diving charge, and followed up with a coup de grace the next round. :smallbiggrin:

Same character, two sessions later, rolled a 1 versus Phantasmal Killer and died.

2008-04-17, 08:55 AM
about 2 months ago. wandering around the underdark to rescue some slaves from an auction. everything goes off around us and i chase a priest down a corridor.

i round a corner and i'm staring at an angry black dragon, which was meant for a party fight later on. charge, leap attack, 70 damage. i had a magic weapon at the time with 2 charges left. turns out it was a campaign artifact and when i used the final charge, the dragon had to make a DC70 fort save. it died, leaving me with a buttload of exp.

next session, we will be fighting the god that the weapon was meant to kill. i have my new character to hand.

2008-04-17, 09:57 AM
Well, I dunno if it's really a success story, but it was awesome:

Last session, my party is trying to find a pirate fortress/hideout on a near some sea-side cliffs. Me (druid//ninja), the Barbarian//Scout, and the Dragon Shaman//Cleric are out on a sandbar at the bottom of the cliffs, looking for an entrance. (We find an underwater hole that may lead to the place.) We decide to rest for the night and try to make our way in. While we're swimming from the sandbar back to the cliff-face to climb back up to the rest of the party, the three of us are attacked by a giant shark. We all almost die, I get up to the top of the cliff (using the Updraft spell and grabbing the rope). While the Barb//Scout is half-way up the rope and the DS//Cleric is still in the water, the shark makes a jump at the the Barb//Scout, but doesn't quite reach him. It does, however, bite the rope, preventing the DS//Cleric from climbing. So, I decide to play the hero.
I take the 30ft jump onto the shark (who is still in mid-air), hidden weapons blazing, for the Sudden Strike.

Here's my woe story. It starts right after the afore mentioned jump:
I roll low on my jump check and land on the shark's nose, taking a bit of falling damage, but dealing some to the shark, as well. The Rogue//Sorc at the top (who is out of spells and had his crossbow borrowed by the Spellthief) decides to throw a rock at the shark, critical fumbles, hits me with the rock (dropping me into the negatives) and falling into the water himself.
The DM takes pity, and allows me to make one swift action before I go sleepy-bye, so, I activate my Druid's healing aura, which brings me back to one hit point, and keeps me from falling out of initiative. I get in a horrible hit on my next round and kill the bloody thing.

So, yeah...I guess I did eventually save the day, but only after being hit in the head with falling rocks for playing Hero.

2008-04-17, 08:45 PM
I was playting a halfling sorcerer with 3 levels of rouge thrown in for fun. We where raiding an series of islands in support of the main attack force, completely occupied by some high level and very dangerous hobgoblins. So we where sneaking into Castle A, while our NPC friends where massing around Castle B. We where there to steal or break some type of artifact that was protecting the islands from hostile magic.

We come into this one tower top, looking for this thing and we stumble upon the Grand High Poo-daddy of the hobgoblin wizards, someone we where not ment to find yet i don't think. He flings us around the room with some telekinisis action, his two lackies fireball and iceball (energy sub i think) conceutively, party is about lvl 15, and low on resources by this point, and after the initial assualt we got from these guys it wasn't looking any better.

I used my ring of invisibility to duck out of veiw, the fighter charged one of the lackies to keep him busy and ended up bull rushing him out a window, the barbarian/ranger/tempest flew into a tad of a fit and hurled both his axes at lacky no. 2, critical both times with flaming burst weapons, the hobgoblin went pop.

The cleric is in the background, trying to put out the fast healing and reach-spells, i've snuck around the back of the main chump, half demon evil sod he was. cooked up a Dalamar's Lightning Lance and hurled it at his back. Nat 20, Critical Check, Nat 20. the way we opperation for 2 natural 20's is (Crit Multiplyer)X4. So my x2 became x8. rolled nothing under a 4 for my damage checks, nailed the &[email protected]#er to the opposite wall.

The other hand, same character, going to jump up on a table for a better veiw of the battlefeild later in the campagin, rolls a 1, fails, falls off the table, boucnes off a banister and falls 40 foot to the floor, and dies as a result. the DM said i slipped on bacon :(

2008-04-17, 08:52 PM
Worst moment ever: I was playing a rogue. A very unoptimized rogue. I took Nimble Fingers as my level 1 feat. Our group had no healing, so after a tough fight, which we lost but survived due to good roleplay, I was at 2 hp. I then decided that it would be a good idea to tumble past a kobold into a whole group of kobolds alone. You can imagine what happened. I was served as human steaks the next night.

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2008-04-17, 09:09 PM
First level archer.

The half-elf sorcerer shoots the badgirl drow in the arm.
Sorc: "Booya!"
I proceed to headshot the drow.
Sorc: "damn."

My other story proves that monks do not suck.Don't hurt me.
It was a oneshot adventure. The BBEG, a werewolf walks in the door, and drugs the barbarian. I wake up, and get 3 critical hits on him. He falls on the floor, a white light glows, and a wolf slinks off in his place.

The DM later told me he had to call in divine interference, because I had killed him already that time.

2008-04-17, 10:18 PM
Best: My level 13 warlock defeated a CR 23 advanced ghaele eladrin. It started with a spell, which was spell-turned back on the ghaele, and then it saved. 3 maximized eldritch blasts somehow got through and killed it. Everyone was just amazed:smallsmile:
Worst: Another character rushed into a room and got shot by 6 drow sleep arrows, failed all the saves and is out for the fight against the BBEG. Luckily my allies kept me from dying.

2008-04-17, 11:24 PM
The Best
My paladin and his merry band of adventurers were exploring a "haunted" mansion, we encountered someone who was part of the smuggling ring, but he pretended to ally with us. At one point, he sneak attacks me in the back, two handed, with poison. I'm a level 1 paladin and he's a level 3 rogue; for all intents and purposes, I should have been pushing up daisies. I survive, though barely, and pull off a good whack on the guy before he starts bolting for the door. There's no way any of us are going to catch him, so my next turn I whip out my short bow (Which had negatives to hit due to his distance) and hit that beautiful, beautiful natural 20. I crit and knock the sucker on his butt, right in front of the secret door we couldn't have found on our own. It was awesome.

We found the rest of the smuggling ring after healing up from that encounter: A level 3 wizard and his level 1 swashbuckler cohorts. He starts off attempting a color spray on us, but everyone made their saves (phew!). The minions hit us with tanglefoot bags. I think our DM really wanted us dead. Somehow, I managed to break out of the tanglefoot bag, drop one of the minions, and then cleaved into the other and took her out, too.

The Worst
Earlier in that same adventure, we found that traitor tied up in a far off room of the mansion for whatever reason. Our DM tells us that the floor of the room looks structurally unsound.

Me: I go over and untie him.
DM: Really?
Me: Yep.
DM: Okay, if you insist. *Rolls* Okay, you go plummeting through the weak floorboards and take 10 damage.
Me: I'm okay guys! . . . Cleric! A little help?

Even worse was when we had a new party member join up. He was a kobold sorcerer, but was acting as a begger/street performer while at level 1. When the local mob started demanding payment out of him, more than he could offer, I stepped in to defend him. There was no fight THEN, but later on all of the mob returned and mocked me for not manning up and fighting them. So what do I do?

Me: Hah, you cowards wouldn't talk so big if you didn't outnumber me.
DM: Oh really? They challenge you to a one on one with their "champion."
Me: Hah, I can take it. What's the fight?
DM: Meet Scaly, the lizardman barbarian.
*Severe pummeling*
Me: Well, he beat me. I guess I learned my lesson. Some paladin I am.
DM: Since he's raging, he's going to continue beating on your bleeding corpse.
Me: But that will kill me!
DM: Hey, just trying to play it realistically.

So, yeah. I tried to fight the mob and the mob won. My new character hasn't encountered them. The worst part is, though, that my paladin was wanted for murder. You see, that traitor we killed earlier in the adventure was some distant relative of the mayor, but when he died he suddenly became very important and we suddenly became very wanted. I turned myself in for the crime, hoping to spare my cohorts. Long story short, when the mob killed me, a "notorious" criminal, suddenly they were the heroes in town, while we were the figures of ill repute.

I like my DM as a person, but he sure knows how to make a hellish campaign.

2008-04-18, 08:44 AM
My single best roleplaying moment was when single handedly I entered Hell, defeated an animated statue, crossed through a river of lava by making a really high will check (lost my hair on the lower half of my body), ran through a strange forest in the place, climbed up the tower, and then was asked what my character's biggest fear was. The DM's expression when I simply answered his own failure had to be the greatest moment, especially given that this DM is known for blowing people up and generally be death to his PCs. Overall, it was a great session.

The same character several weeks earlier, a base class fighter, had gone six hundred years into the past in order to retrieve an ancient artifact which had been stolen. On the trip while we were attempting to find the thief in a fair sized town, a twelve year old pickpocketed me. Bored and wanting something to do, I chased after the child, another fighter from the group coming with me for similar reasons. We cornered the child in an alley, and as I went to get my money back, six fourteen year olds step into the alley. Several really bad rolls, failed grapple checks, and a hit to the head later, I was laying flat on my back with nothing but a loincloth on, my armor and gear taken. It would just be the first of six armor sets lost by me, and still counting.