View Full Version : Starting in an alien world, could use advice

The Professor
2008-04-17, 02:59 AM
I will be starting a game set in Eberron on these very boards very shortly, and so I have a few questions I'm hoping that, if can't be answered here, will point me in the right direction.

I've never played in Eberron so I'm completely new to the setting; and, to boot, I'm playing something possibly odd. A Blue Kineticist. I'm not very clear on the geography and culture just yet, but goblins seem to be from Darguun? Would a Blue be alright growing up there? And... which book should I look in to find information on it? I don't have them all right now, but I can get my hands on them relatively fast.

I also have a more crunchy call out for advice, what's the best powers and feats for me to select as a Kineticist? This will be my first time really giving psions a whirl. Kinda shooting for the 'little guy makes big things break and blow up' feel. We're starting at level 1, though maybe seeing an example of a few builds would be helpful? :smallconfused:

Core, the ECS, Races of Eberron and EPH are the allowed books. Thanks in advance!

2008-04-17, 03:03 AM
If you want to blow things up good, I would recommend the Overchannel line of feats.