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2008-04-19, 01:24 AM
First time homebrewing anything at all, and it's mostly for the background for my first-ever attempt at a character, so I hope this works out. Thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Well, here goes...

Deity: The Mysterious Voice, God of Glory, Light, Redemption, and Eternity
Domains: Repose, Healing, Good, Sun, Glory
Greater Deity
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Flail

Titles (amongst many, many others): The Great Light, the Nameless God, the Hidden Flame, the Brightest Star, the King of Eternity

Many of his followers previously led lives of evil, ranging from former murderers, hedonists, and even dark cultists. Abandoning their old ways and taking up the path of Good, followers of "The Mysterious Voice" know their master by many names, such as "The Great Light", "The Hidden Flame", and generally names and titles referring to fire, light, and secrecy. Of interest, though, is that it is extremely rare that his followers know anything about him at all, except that "he is good". Even outsiders and other deities that have been successfully questioned regarding his nature have been found to know little to nothing.

The followers of The King of Eternity are very few and far between, and all of them seem to have for some reason been "personally selected" through a series of visions or dreams. When asked about such visions, they describe blinding lights and glory fire raining down, accompanied by a powerful voice which spoke to them.

Such is the sheer power of these visions, followers and clerics of their mysterious god tend to be undyingly loyal, giving their lives to their deity's cause. They may be wandering healers who save the dying (or if they have the repose domain, grant those fated to die a peaeful rest). They might be preachers who seek to spread the message of a god even they don't fully understand, but follow nonetheless. Or they may be zealous crusaders, destroyers of all that seek to extinguish the Nameless God's light.

A cleric or follower of the Brightest Star might adventure out of a desire to right the wrongs of the world, help those in need, or achieve some greater comprehension of their god's plan and their part in it.

The first objective for Clerics of the Mysterious Voice who have fallen from grace and seek to regain their master's favor is to find a fellow Cleric to grant them forgiveness. The actual penance itself, depending on the magnitude of their crimes, is usually in the form of some kind of quest or task to test the penitent's willingness. Note that it is not necessarily dangerous, but is usually very difficult, such as meditating for several days in the snow, rain, or blistering heat.

If you're interested in breaking the stereotype of the "evil secret cult of the great cthulhu clone", I figure a secret group following the Mysterious Voice might be interesting. They probably were formed when several followers of the Mysterious Voice banded together and sought out fellow believers, before being established as an organization

Most cult members would be comprised of numerous followers of their mysterious god who have banded together. Members could be anyone, from any class (social, political, or game-wise), race, or background, though many are formerly of an evil alignment. Almost all members will have something that, to them, symbolizes the path that they now walk, whether it be a holy symbol they are incapable of using, a white ring, etc.

An idea for two cults of the Mysterious Voice that are independent of each other, and contrast greatly in terms of beliefs and philosophies

Cult of the Hidden Flame

The most well-organized and secretive of the cults of the Mysterious Voice,
Cultists of the Hidden Flame keep their faith secret mostly for two reasons: they are based in a location in which they are heavily mistrusted by the populace and local temples, and they also figure that if they are under orders from a god even they don't understand, perhaps its best non-believers were kept in the dark, too.

Having experienced visions of such intensity and power, the world to them seems full of evil and darkness. They believe that it is their holy task to rid the world of such darkness, and thus many members are paladins, fighters, and those with a more warlike bent. Clerics who are members of the Cult of the Hidden Flame tend to take the domains of Good and Sun.

Due to the organized and more structured nature of the Cult of the Hidden Flame, members tend slightly more towards Lawful alignment, though there are many who are Neutral or even Chaotic.

They see independent believers and Cultists of the Brightest Star as allies and friends, though perhaps too naive and idealistic for a world that is obviously in need of cleansing.

Reasons for adventuring:
A Cultist of the Hidden Flame might turn to adventuring in order to...
-Rid the world of evil and villainy
-Rise to wealth and status so that their religion might have greater influence on the world
-They might hope to help those in need
-Gain the experience and wisdom to overcome some great evil

Cult of the Brightest Star

Being established in an area relatively accepting of the Nameless God's message, the Cult of the Brightest Star is the more open and well-known of the Myterious Voice's two cults. Followers believe that they were specifically chosen to spread their god's message to the world, though the God of Light is an enigma even to them.

Cultists of the Brightest Star are less organized than the Hidden Flame, being more along the lines of followers with a common goal of spreading Good than anything organized. Members are often wanderers who travel the world healing the sick and helping the poor, and are often bards, rangers, and clerics who don't mind taking to the road. The Cult does, however, have many designated meeting spots where they might meet or perform rituals. Clerics of the Brightest Star tend to have the domains of Repose and Healing.

Due to the less formal and more open, free-roaming nature of the Cult of the Brightest Star, members tend slightly towards neutral or Chaotic alignments, though there are of course many Lawful ones.

They view Cultists of the Hidden Flame as fellow believers in the Mysterious Voice and respect their crusade against evil, though more secretive than their deity intended. They will happily travel with members of the other cult or independent believers, or even nonbelievers, as long as they are friendly toward the Cult's beliefs.

Reasons for adventuring...
-They seek to right the world's wrongs and help the needy
-Learn about the world and their deity
-Grow in power and experience, and lead by example

please don't kill me (or him, for that matter)...:smalltongue:

Again, this is my first homebrew sort of thing, so thoughts and responses would be awesome.

2008-04-19, 07:29 PM
More details would be nice. Favored weapon, more about the philosophy of his followers, how he redeems people, etc.

2008-04-19, 10:48 PM
This could end up either like the Early Christian Church, or like Jehovah's Witnesses, depending on how willing the members are to spill that they're part of this cult.

Could be interesting nonetheless.

2008-04-20, 01:45 AM
This could end up either like the Early Christian Church, or like Jehovah's Witnesses, depending on how willing the members are to spill that they're part of this cult.

Could be interesting nonetheless.

I suppose it depends on the individual, really, though most of them would be somewhat hesitant to talk go into details, if only because they themselves hardly know anything.

Basically, the whole idea behind them is that they're following a god that they don't understand, but they do anyway because they've been promised forgiveness for the evil deeds they've commited in their lives. (again, almost all of them were formerly evil people)

That being said, a travelling cleric might be happy, even eager, to share what he knows with anyone who asks, while Cultist of the Hidden Flame would be a pretty dang spooked that he's been identified as a member, let alone ready to talk about it with someone he sees as a heathen. I'll get more into the details of the cult after I've got some sleep, though...

EDIT: I added more info. Yeehaw. :smallsmile:

2008-04-20, 07:17 PM
I think it sounds pretty cool. I want to know more about this god and why he is the way he is, which I think is the point. So as a player, I would be okay with this god the way he's presented.
However, as a DM, I would want to know more about why this god chooses certain people to follow him and not others. That is something that I could create, but it would be nice to have some default version.

lord of kobolds
2008-04-22, 05:42 PM
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!:smallwink: