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2008-04-19, 01:41 AM
I'm playing Fighter/Knight Gestalt, and I'm trying to buid my character early. I'm planning to take build as below;

Level Gestalt Feats
1 Fighter 1//Knight 1 WF (lance), Power attack, Imp. Initiative
2 Fighter 2//Knight 2 Mounted Combat, Ride-by attack
3 Fighter 3//Knight 3 Short haft
4 Fighter 4//Knight 4 WS (lance)
5 Fighter 5//Knight 5 Spirited Charge
6 Fighter 6//Knight 6 Cavalry Charger, Trample
7 Fighter 7//Knight 7
8 Fighter 8//Knight 8 GWF (lance)
9 Fighter 9//Knight 8//Cavalier 1 Shield Specialization
10 Fighter 10//Knight 8//Cavalier 2 Shield Ward
11 Fighter 11//Knight 8//Cavalier 3
12 Fighter 12//Knight 8//Cavalier 4 GWS (lance), Melee Weapon Mastery (Piercing)
13 Fighter 12//Knight 9//Cavalier 5
14 Fighter 12//Knight 10//Cavalier 6 Quick Draw or Iron Will or Animal Affinity
15 Fighter 13//Knight 10//Cavalier 7 Flay
16 Fighter 14//Knight 10//Cavalier 8 Imp. Critical
17 Fighter 15//Knight 10//Cavalier 9
18 Fighter 15//Knight 11//Cavalier 10 Imp. Bull Rush
19 Fighter 16//Knight 12//Cavalier 10 Shock Trooper
20 Fighter 17//Knight 13//Cavalier 10

I'm lv 2 now, and our team thinks that the game will last till Epic. I'm planning to take a role of melee damage dealer. Can anyone give me better, more-damaging charger build? I'm going to have cohort or some sort.

Please give me your knowledge of best charger!

2008-04-19, 01:50 AM
Get Shock Trooper a lot sooner. The Reckless Charge part of it is pretty crucial for being able to hit things with Massive Damage. I would drop Greater Weapon Focus and Spec for it; Melee Weapon Mastery is going to give you basically the same benefits. Other than that you're about as well off as you can be without getting into really deep cheese (like doing the Pounce dip, although there's probably alignment issues there.) You may want to two-hand your lance for the better Power Attack return and Strength bonus; every point counts when you're using an ability like Spirited Charge that increases the whole thing. Also drop Weapon Focus, Weapon Spec, and Melee Weapon Mastery entirely if somebody else can suggest superior feats to replace them.

2008-04-19, 01:52 AM
Paladin 5 would give you Smiting Charge. It would be sub-optimal to add it in now though. If I was to build a charger build it'd be like:

Paladin of Silver Flame 5/Pious Templar of Silver Flame 8/Exorcist of Silver Flame 7.

2008-04-19, 06:44 PM
Get a druid cohort, have him wildshape into a powerful steed. Rhino, perhaps?

2008-04-20, 03:23 PM
Get a druid cohort, have him wildshape into a powerful steed. Rhino, perhaps?

You Win.

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