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Tempest Fennac
2008-04-20, 05:12 AM
Would giving Dragon Shamans full BAB along with a +1 boost to the save DC of their breath attack every 3 (or even 2) levels including before they get a breath atack while moving the level that they gain their breath attack back by 1 improve the class to the point where it is balanced? If anyone has any other ideas for improving it, please could you post them here?

2008-04-20, 05:33 AM
It would let them hit more often, and increase damage a bit. Not much, but it's an improvement.

A modification I put together for one of my players that they are using in my main campaign:

Modified Dragon Shaman (http://pifro.com/dnd/NEW/?F=NOcustom&B=BGBG20&H=134&C=wizard.customB.sorcerer&S=70&V=25456&SL0=Draconic%20Aura%20%AF{}&SC0=160&SL1=Totem%20Dragon&SC1=641&SL2=Skill%20Focus&SC2=642&SL3=Skill%20Focus&SC3=264&SL4=Draconic%20Adaptation&SC4=643&SL5=({15*2^(N-1)}%20ft.%20cone%20or%20{30*2^(N-1)}%20ft.%20line)&SC5=260&SL6=Breath%20Weapon%20({N%AF1}d6)&SC6=68&SL7=Draconic%20Resolve&SC7=644&SL8=Touch%20of%20Vitality%20(heal%20wounds)&SC8=646&SL9=Draconic%20Wings&SC9=627&SL10=Energy%20Immunity&SC10=649&SL11=Touch%20of%20Vitality%20(remove%20conditions)&SC11=651&SL12=Draconic%20Adaptation%20(share%20with%20allie s)&SC12=653&SL13=Commune%20with%20Dragon%20Spirit&SC13=654&SL14=Multiaura&SC14=657&COH0=Draconic%20Auras%20Known&COF0={ch7(N/2)%AF2})

The spellcasting is from the sorcerer list and as a sorcerer.

This one is a hefty modification though, reworking them in to a support/utility class.

Multiaura = Custom ability, "Can use two draconic auras at once. If dragon shaman has double draconic aura (dragon magic), instead they can use three at once. Each requires a separate swift action to change."

Tempest Fennac
2008-04-20, 07:02 AM
That is an interesting fix. What else would you add to my ideas to make the normal Dragon Shaman better? Also, would giving them the Druid's Timeless Body ability at level 15 be a good idea? It would fit due to their Draconic abilities.

2008-04-20, 04:34 PM
Timeless body does not add much power, at all, to a class outside of very very peculiar GMs.
It is neither really adding or subtracting anything.

Tempest Fennac
2008-04-21, 01:36 AM
Thanks (that addition was mainly for flavour if I'm honest).