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2008-04-21, 05:45 PM
I am interested in using the Apprentice Levels found on p. 40 of the 3.0 DMG, but I don't own a copy, does anyone know where I can find this information (preferably free)? Also, Have you tried using them, and what do you think of the idea?

2008-04-21, 06:18 PM
There's a 3.0 SRD somewhere I'm sure, they might be in there. I've used them, I think. Or at least someone from my group. They only matter at 1st level though, since as soon as you hit 2nd level you're just like any other 1st/1st level guy.

Let's see if I remember how they work...

Pick two base classes. Then, choose one of them to be your 'primary' class.

You get no base attack bonus (no matter what class). Your good saves are +1, your poor saves are +0 (so, a Ftr0/Rog0 would be F+1, R+1, W+0, but a Mnk0/Rog0 would have F+1, R+2, W+1 because the Reflex save stacks).

You get all the class features granted at 1st level of your classes.

You get spellcasting as the 1st level of your classes, with one less spell of each level per day (iirc, it might have been just full spellcasting).

You get skills as your primary class.

You get starting gold as your primary class.

You get HP as your primary class.

When you reach 2nd level, you become a 1st/1st level character, you basically gain everything you were missing from that combo (so you get BAB if appropriate, saves go to +2/+0, skill points/HP as secondary class and so on)

I, uh... I think that's it.