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2008-04-22, 04:20 PM
Strike of the Empyreal Cyclone (Exalted)
You have learned to channel the might of a celestial storm into your stunning attacks.
Prerequisites: Wisdom 15, Fist of the Heavens, Sanctify Ki Strike, Stunning Fist, base attack bonus +10
Effects: Any evil creature that fails its saving throw against your successful stunning attack is subject to such righteous power that it is repulsed as if by a strong force effect. Such a creature is thrown to the ground and lands prone, or if flying, knocked back 1d6x10 feet. Creatures that are immune to stunning attacks are also immune to this effect. In addition, by initially spending two stunning fist attempts, instead of one, you can strip an evil creature of any of its damage reduction for two rounds. This affects evil creatures, even those immune to stunning attacks, but does not affect epic damage reduction.


old secondary effect:
In addition, by spending two stun attempts instead of one, you can treat your attack as if adamantine, cold iron, or silver for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction against an evil creature.

so, i was thinking about playing around with the damage reduction ability at the bottom. i think that for the price (spending two stun attempts), maybe i ought to let the monk's attack strip the evil creature of its (obviously not epic) damage reduction for a few rounds. monk would have to spend both stunning fists initially, and if evil creature fails save, is stunned and knocked back as usual (and staggered from fist of the heavens), and is stripped of its dr for, say 1 round/wisdom modifier.

the reason i like this idea is that a monk has cool ki strike capabilities that can overcome alignment dr, but can't do anything about adamantine, cold iron, etc.

so which one do you like more, the mechanic that strips the enemy of its dr, or the one that treats the monk's attacks as if they were of the special material?

2008-04-22, 09:12 PM
thoughts, anyone?

2008-04-22, 09:16 PM
Monks treat their unarmed strikes as Adamintine starting at 16th level. Cold Iron and silver are still new, and getting Adamintine earlier is nice too.

2008-04-22, 09:24 PM
well, i feel a little sheepish now. that's what i get for assuming that i remember everything about a class before actually looking it up. ok. with that knowledge, adamantine seems kinda worthless after 16th level.

since this is an exalted feat, meaning that it only works against evil creatures, does it strike anyone as overpowered if i go with the strip-evil-foe-of-damage-reduction route? or, what if we just say that when he spends the two stun attempts, it counts as any special material for the purpose of overcoming dr. that means that with the same feat, and a little stunning fist cost, he could overcome the dr of a werewolf, a marilith, and a greenstar adept all in the same battle.

which one looks best to you guys? i think i am inclined to go with the strip-dr-route, because it provides enormous advantage to the monk's allies. but i would like to hear others' opionions.

thanks, aaron out.

EDIT: ok, changed it a round a little.

2008-04-23, 11:53 PM
does it really suck that much?