View Full Version : what's the name of that feat?

2008-04-24, 12:49 AM
called shadowstrike or something similar. think it might have been regional. required teleportation, and allowed a full attack after a telport. anyone remember what it was and where it is found?

2008-04-24, 12:54 AM
It's not a feat, it's the Telflammar Shadowlord class feature, Shadow Pounce. It's a prestige class from Unapproachable East, on pages 36 and 37.

Or it's the Crinti Marauder class feature, Shadow Pounce, which is the exact same feature. This prestige class is on pages 23 and 24 of Shining South.

2008-04-24, 01:09 AM
thanks. i'm gonna have to make it a feat then. now i just have to look it up to see what kind of ghastly prereqs it's gonna require.