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2008-04-24, 07:40 PM

A new game of skill, power, and of course, explosions.

Game Summary:

Blastball is a dangerous sport akin to dodgeball. Two teams on either side of a thin net of fire throw balls back and forth to each other while flying through the air. When the ball passes through the net, it heats up, and glows red. Players catch the ball with gauntlets that act like a magnet for the balls (called blastballs), and the longer the balls are held the more heat they lose. A game ends when a team reaches a predetermined number of points or a team loses all of its members. A team member is lost when a blastball gets too hot, causing it to explode in a burst of flame upon touching the playerís glove.

Game Rules:

Each team consists of ten members
A blastball court is 50í long, wide, and tall for each side of the court (100í in length from back end of one court to the other)
When a player is determined ďoutĒ (or flamed, as it is called) the opposing team receives 1 point.
If the ball reaches the opposite side of the court, hitting the back wall of a teamís side, the other team gains 2 points.
If an explosion results in the loss of two or more members simultaneously, the other team gains 1 point for each player lost.
Both teams must have equal gear. If one team does not have access to flight, neither can the other. The game can be played on foot.
A ball that touches the ground (i.e. is not caught, yet does not hit the back of a teamís court) must be picked up within 6 seconds (1 round) or the teamís court in which it fell loses 1 point (subtracted from total score).
A blastball will explode upon contact with another playerís glove after itís power level has increased to 5. A blastball gains one power level upon passing through the net, and loses one for every round it is held after being caught. A blastball with power level 0 is a solid black color, while a power level 5 is a bright red. Levels between these two are scaled by color. A DC 15 knowledge (blastball) check may be made to determine the power level of a ball upon seeing it (this check may be made as a swift action).
For each point of damage absorbed from the result of a blastball explosion, the playersí suits start to turn blue. After absorbing 10 points of damage from a blastball a player loses the ability to fly and is considered out.


A blastball is roughly the size of a cannonball, and colored as such. Every time it takes fire damage (or passes through a blastball net) it gets hotter, and explodes after 5 damage or passes through the net 5 times (see blastball rules section). Players wearing Blastball Suits (see below) are not affected by this heat (but are affected by the damage it deals). A blastball may be thrown up to 80 feet. A blastball deals 1d6 fire damage to all creatures within the player who catches its square, and a subsequent 1d3 damage to all creatures adjacent to that square. If a blastball is heated up to at least 2 power levels, then falls back down to 0 it releases its energy, dealing 1d4 damage. A blastballís damage may be increased by levels in the Blastballer class. A blastball is considered an exotic weapon and can be enchanted as such. A Blastballer may wield the blastball as a martial ranged weapon (thrown). An unenchanted blast ball costs 5gp.

Faint Evocation; CL 3rd; Craft Magical Arms and Armor; burning hands; Price 4,500gp.

Blastball Suit

This +1 Studded Leather of Lesser Fire Resistance is used in blastball games. It confers Fire Resistance (10) on the owner. When wearing a blastball suit, the wearer is not harmed when holding a blastball. The gloves in the suit are specially made for blastball, which have the cooling effect on them (see blastball rules, above). The boots allow the weared to fly at a speed of 30 feet (good). If a blastball suit absorbs up to 10 damage from a blastball, it turns blue and disables the flight ability (this part of the suit is only active in a blastball arena).

Moderate Transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item; endure elements, levitate, resist energy; Price 11,675gp.

Blastball Net

A blastball net is 50 feet wide, 50 feet tall, and made of fire. This net is used to divide two teams playing in a blastball arena. Anything touching it takes 2 points of fire damage for every round it remains in the net (1 point if passing through). A blastball net is roughly 2 inches thick, and made of a permeable fire, allowing sight to continue through the net (albeit with a -1 penalty). A blastball net is activated with a command word of the makerís choice.

Moderate Evocation; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item; wall of fire; Price 16,400gp.


<space reserved for blastballer prestige class>


If anyone has comments or notice something that isn't clear, let me know. The rules are all up in my head, but I'm not sure if they make sense written on paper. The blastballer prestige class will be based around increasing damage of a blastball, catching and throwing of a blastball, and misc. blastball abilities.

PEACH away!