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The J Pizzel
2008-04-25, 09:43 AM
Hey gang. One of my players wanted to DM a few little missions to help a new player learn faster (I'm the group DM but I can't commit to more sessions). So he's gonna DM some sessions at level 1. I expect this to be a massive hack-n-slash as he really doesn't know much about magic. It'll be really straight forward with probably a lot of narrative and very little role-playing. That's cool. It's mainly to familiarize the new guy with the combat a little more.

I wanna build a dex based spear-weilding swordsage who uses a lot of the Tiger Claw (jumping around and attacking) and maybe a hint of Dessert Wind. Maybe a dabble in Stone Dragon for the "mountain hammer" line. I'd kinda like to model him after a mix of Brad Pitt fom Troy, and that australian guy who use a spear in the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie (he doesn't have many scenes).

Lots of problems with this build. Can I weapon finesse a spear. If not, then I'll need a high str for attack, dex for AC, wis for AC and class abilities. I'm not worried about damage. Maneuvers should take care of that. I'd like to do the leap attack thing, but is that useless on a 3/4 BAB build. Any advice is appreciated.

Books are Core, PHBII, all Completes, MIC, Draco, SC and of course...ToB

No one in this group is optimized so I'm not worried about the perfect build. Just a fun one.


-- ninjad as I was trying to correct my stupidity :smallwink:

2008-04-25, 09:45 AM
I wanna build a dex based spear-weilding swordsage

Books are Core, PHBII, all Completes, MIC, Draco, SC.

It's gonna be really hard to build a swordsage without the ToB :smallsmile:

2008-04-25, 10:53 AM
. . . and maybe a hint of Dessert Wind.

I think they serve that at Applebee's. Mmmm . . .

2008-04-25, 11:03 AM
Well, Weapon Finesse and weapon descriptions state what's Finessable and what isn't. Basically, Light Weapons and few choice weapons for which it makes sense; Spear isn't on that list. Also, Spear is a simple weapon, which seems like a waste for a Martial character.

If you insist on a Spear, there's a Greatspear in Complete Warrior; an Exotic Reach Weapon with throwability, but still no finessability. You'd probably be best off with some Spear-like Martial Weapon (Glaive is pretty close, for example).

The J Pizzel
2008-04-25, 11:12 AM
Well, I'm completely open-minded. How about a Ranseur so I can trip. Should I go warblade or stay swordsage. I liked swordsage a little better since it has more maneuvers. I'm open for anything. I pretty much just want a spear(like) fighter who's got maneuvers and can hit things adjacent, not just reach. After that, I'm pretty open to suggestion.