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Rowan Intheback
2008-04-26, 02:20 PM
The Ring of Gyges

Price: 100,000
Body Slot: Finger
Caster Level: 20
Aura: Strong Enchantment DC 25
Activation: Move

This appears to be a simple gold ring. There is a single small ruby that is polished so brightly it appears to glow even in near darkness. There is an inscription written in an unintelligible dead language running along the underside of the ring. When it is not being worn it seems to demand attention and it is almost impossible to tear your gaze away.

When worn with the ruby facing outward The Ring of Gyges provides a +10 enhancement bonus to all charisma based skills. This effect is continuous and requires no activation.

The wearer may choose to rotate the ring so the ruby faces the interior of their hand as a move action. This activates the ring's second function. The wearer immediately loses the bonuses granted to their charisma based skills. The ring emits an aura of enchantment that goes out to 200 feet that produces an effect identical to the Superior Invisibility spell from Complete Arcane. This is a mind effecting ability that affects all creatures with an intelligence above 3 regardless of immunities to enchantment effects. Because the invisibility granted by The Ring of Gyges is an enchantment effect not Illusion; spells like True Seeing do not negate the effect of The Ring of Gyges. An adventurer with the Perice Magical Concealment feat is entitled to a DC 30 will save to resit the effect of The Ring of Gyges.

When the invisibility of the ring is activated unless there is a sufficient distraction (such as combat) all creatures within the aura of the ring's effect will have to make a DC 30 will save or be compelled to speak their true opinions of the one wearing the ring. This only works if the creatures know the one wearing the ring.

When someone activates the ability of The Ring of Gyges they must make a DC 10 will save or become chaotic evil when wearing the ring. The DC of this will save increases by 1 every cumulative ten rounds they spend under the invisibility effect of The Ring of Gyges. When their alignment changes the user is compelled to commit evil acts however their attitude towards these acts remains unchanged. If a person with with a good alignment succumbs to the effect of the ring she still resents her actions.

Rowan Intheback
2008-04-26, 05:03 PM
I forgot to talk about this. I 'm planning to introduce this item to the game I'm currently running as a tool/obstacle. I modeled it after The Ring of Gyges from Plato's Republic. I was wondering if this is mechanically safe. I'd also like to hear any suggestions people had to improve it in any way. Thanks!

lord of kobolds
2008-04-26, 08:13 PM
I am familiar with the tale, but don't understand where the charisma bonus comes from.
could you explain?

Rowan Intheback
2008-04-26, 09:33 PM
I am familiar with the tale, but don't understand where the charisma bonus comes from.
could you explain?

The in Bloom's translation the ring worked because a man seen with it could not be ignored. He was as a god be cause he got recognition as well as invisibility. However, his was the only translation I found that mentioned the ring's ability to make the wearer command attention. I suppose the ring is powerful enough any way. Thanks for your suggestion.