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2008-04-26, 03:03 PM
Character Template: Shur'tugal [ancient language for dragon rider]

This D&D character template is intended to make it possible playing Eragon-esque Dragon Riders in D&D.

A Shur'tugal devotes all her life to her dragon and her ideals. Together they team up to fulfill their goals their fates brought them up to. Their fates are bound. A dragon and her rider's bodies may be seperated, but their souls are one.

Race and class limitations: Humans, Half-Elves, Elves only. May not be a true dragon, a dragon devotee, half-dragon, dragon disciple or any other class/race/template that has to do with dragons in any kind. Must be at adult age or older.
Situation: Must be elected by a hatching dragon. The dragon's color has to match the Shur'tugal's alignment. A fallen Shur'tugal cannot be elected again.

Special: This template does not count as a class. It can stack with other character templates
ECL Adjustment: Depends on the dragon's growth. See description

Linked souls:
The Shur'tugal is able to mentally contact her dragon and vice versa. Each other understand in their langauge respectively. They can share sights and feelings. Additionally, a Shur'tugal gains special qualities:
- She can cast arcane spells half her character level (without any ECL adjustment) with a cost of (1+spell level+metamagic level adjustment) health points. The spell cost is doubled if a Shur'tugal loses her dragon. These spells do not count against arcane failure.
- A Shur'tugal's age is resetted to 0 years upon the electing dragon's hatch (her physical body however remains at her actual age) and the life span matches exactly with the dragon, a Shur'tugal does not gain any age adjustments.
- If the Shur'tugal's dragon dies, she loses any adjustmens except the enlarged life span and spell ability. The dragon cannot be brought back to life by any method. A Shur'tugal whose dragon died becomes a fallen Shur'tugal.
- If a Shur'tugal dies, her dragon also immediately dies. A Shur'tugal and her dragon cannot be brought back to life by any method.
- Both the dragon and the Shur'tugal are immune to any instant death effects including any non-magic and extraordinary instant death effects such as Devastating Critical. However, they can die by old age.

Accelerated dragon's growth:
The dragon's level is not determined with the dragon's age category. If the dragon's level is lower than the Shur'tugal's level, then the dragon earns twice as much experience than the Shur'tugal. The age category of a Shur'tugals dragon does not have to match with it's actual age and it's age does not increase with it's age category.

Physical adjustments:
The Shur'tugal gains a special mark upon one of her hands along with the following adjustments:
- Strength and Constitution bonus depending on dragon's age category
- Both the dragon and the Shur'tugal count as magical creatures

Class adjustments:
The skills Ride and Spellcraft count as class skills on any class the Shur'tugal is proficient with.

Bonuses for the Shur'tugal by dragon's age category:
Wyrmling: Dragon level 1 to 7
Initial bonuses as declared above. ECL 3
Very young: Dragon level 8 to 10
Attribute bonuses +1 (These bonuses do not stack with each increasement)
Young: Dragon level 13 to 15
Juvenile: Dragon level 16 to 18
Attribute bonuses +2 ECL 4
Fusioned Concentration: When both the Shur'tugal and the dragon are at least 1 metres in range, they can cast a spell costing half the health points. This concentration task consumes 1 round per spell.
Young adult: Dragon level 19 to 21
Adult: Dragon level 22 to 24
Attribute bonuses +3 ECL 5
Mature Adult: Dragon level 25 to 27
Old: Dragon level 28 to 30
Very Old: Dragon level 31 to 33
Improved linked souls: Their matched souls have been such grown into each other that they can share any type of suffered damage at their will. The damage suffered by one of each partners is splitted 50% onto them if they wish to. To do so, they have to be at least 15 metres in range with each other. This feat counts as extraordinary and is applied instantly.
Ancient: Dragon level 34 to 36
Attribute bonuses +4 ECL 6
Wyrm: Dragon level 37 to 39
Great Wyrm: Dragon level 40
Sacrificed fate: If the Shur'tugal is about to receive a deadly blow, the dragon, if willing to, donates all her life energy and dies instantly to keep the Shur'tugal alive. The Shur'tugal becomes fallen on that happening.

Adjust it as you see fit.