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2008-04-27, 04:00 PM
Okay, those of you who pay attention to me probably already know at least a little about my current D&D campaign. For the convenience of those who do not, I shall provide a little information, spoilered below.

I'm running a two-part campaign, focusing on two different adventuring parties seperated by 500 years. The "earlier" party is mostly Evil, with evil goals, and by the second part of the story, its members will have survived through various means to become major (epic, in fact!) villains to oppose the somewhat-Good "later" party.

I read Elder Evils. 'Twas an interesting read, and it gave me an idea. I decided that when the time came for my campaign to end, I would introduce an Elder Evil that threatened the world to such a degree that both parties would team up to defeat it.

So, this morning, I started doodling and let my imagination percolate. I came up with a concept, but it's nowhere near complete.

I'm looking to make an Elder Evil that is equal parts Undead and Construct. Since undead politics are important in my game, I want her to pose the same level of threat to undead creatures as she does to living creatures. I want her to be a good fight for eight epic characters.

As far as appearance goes, here's how I conceptualized her. She is a mixture of undead flesh and whirring servos, of black armor and pallid hide. She has reptilian features, but smooth, oily skin. Without her mechanical parts, she would be a severed head and torso, and four three-clawed hands. Black armor covers most of her body, save for her hands and her dead eyes. Each hand is attached to the torso via a mechanical arm, and each has a tooth-filled maw in the center of its palm.

2008-04-27, 04:51 PM
Howabout a Paragon (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/monsters/paragonCreature.htm) Anaxim (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/monsters/abomination.htm#anaxim)

2008-04-27, 05:24 PM
Umm, undead and construct? How about using the rules for Warforged, and add a undead template?

My first idea is the Warforged titan could fit, make it intelligent and add some class levels, a zombie or vampire template, etc :smallsmile:

2008-04-27, 10:04 PM
I could use the Anaxim and give it the Paragon template, but it'd require some major tweaking. For instance, rather than all the spikes and spinning blades, I'd have to replace it with slam attacks and hand-bites. She'd probably be one of the Evil alignments instead of Lawful Neutral, and I might give her Undead Traits in addition to Construct ones.