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2008-04-29, 07:15 AM
recently preparing characters for a max lvl 15 campaign, because everybody else was having problems with there selections i've taken the liberty to make 3, to fill whatever roll might be thrown at me. Problems came up when i was doing my front line fighter type.

Lvl: 15
Class: 2 Ranger / 1 Warblade / 2 Barbarian / 5 Weretouched Master / 5 Bloodclaw Master.
Str:16. Dex 19, Con 16, Wis 10, Int 10, Cha 3
BAB: +11/+6/+1
Fort:14, Ref:12, Will:3
1: Beasthide Elite [Shifter]
3: Healing Factor [Shifter]
6: Extra Shifter Trait [Shifter](Razorclaw)
9: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
9th Bonus Shifter Feat: Improved Natural Attack [Shifter]
12: Extra Rage
13th Bonus Shifter Feat: Shifter Savagery [Shifter]
15: Greater Two Weapon Fighting

Short of it is, i believed at this point that two weapon fighting applied to natural weapons. I was wondering if there are feats that allow more than the 2 natural attacks normally given by natural weapons? I understand the normal pay off with the change is that there is no penalties given to those two attacks, but i'm curious as i was rather attached to my 3D6 claw damage while shifting and raging. Especially with a pouncing charge.

2008-04-29, 09:03 AM
The Thayan Gladiator Prestige class from Champions of Ruin is one of the coolest ones ever and absolutely owns with natural weapons. Although that would mean changing the build.... Take multiattack and improved multiattack and greater multiattack. I believe this gives you an extra attack each but I'm not sure. Or just buy +1speed claw extenders(yes, they are a real item,30gp, adds +1 damage to claw attacks, can be enchanted. Sorry, I'm not much help.

2008-04-30, 05:04 AM
Great help! thanks! i'll look into your suggestions