View Full Version : Several Unusual Low LA PC Races (feedback apreciated)

2008-04-29, 08:04 PM
I'm looking for feedback on all of these to see if they are balanced. More are coming.



Masks are distant, unemotional, and logical. This combined with their unexpresiveness tends to

unnerve members of most other races. A Mask almost always asseses a situation before taking

action and rarely acts rashly. Masks are interested in mainly in intelectual persuits, especialy

philosophy (though they are not very talkative, even among their own). They are poor



Masks are always dressed in large, heavy, hooded robes. As their name sugests, they also wear a

mask that covers their entire face. Both the robe and the mask vary widely between individuals.

Both are connected with the mask and grow and change according depending on their wearer's

personality, experiences, and personal power. A Mask's robe and cloak can only be removed by

their owner (this is rarely done except among other familiar Masks). Under their robes, Masks look

like pale, hairless, grey-skinned, mamilian humanoids. They do not have any facial features

behind their masks, though they can still see. Masks are a similar height to a human, though

substantialy lighter.


Masks tend extremely strongly towards neutrality, but can be of any alignment

Mask Racial Traits:

Medium Humanoid

LA +0

+2 int
-2 con
-4 cha
Masks are sharp, but tend to sickly and reserved.

speed: 30 feet

darkvision 60

+4 bluff
+2 intimidate
+2 to any knowledge skill
-4 sense motive
-4 diplomacy

Spell-like abilities: each 2/day: Cause fear (save DC is int based), True Strike

Robe and Mask: A Mask almost never removes it's mask and robe in the presence of outsiders. A

Mask's robe provides a +1 armor bonus (it can be enchanted), and has no ACP or ASF. A Mask

cannot wear items that use the robe or mask slot. By sacrificing XP and GP equal to it's ordinary

cost, a mask can enchant it's mask or armor (this always takes 8 hours) without the usual item

creation feat, though it still needs access to any prerequisite spells.

Favored Class: Wizard



Meket are first and foremost, devoted. As a result of their similarities to social insects, they

almost always seek out something or someone greater than themselves to serve, protect, and

obey. Meket to not have as strong of a sense of individuality as a human, and tend to assume the

opinions of their superiors--be they god or mortal.


Meket stand from seven to eight feet tall with broad shoulders and long arms and are generaly

insect-like. Large, chitinous plates protrude from their body, arms, and legs. Meket have ant-like

head with six (non compound) eyes and a small pair of mandibles. Their carapace ranges from

dark brown to tan. Meket clothing consists of wraped strips of cloth covering the torso and upper

legs (this allows their heavy chitinous plates to stick out without making any type of clothing



Meket can be of any alignment

Meket Racial Traits:

Medium Humanoid

LA +1

+4 strength
+2 con
-2 int
-4 dex
Meket are large, tough, and strong but their chitinous plates make them extremely clumsy and

they aren't as inteligent as humans.

Powerful Build (Large)

-4 on will saves vs charm and compulsion effects

+3 natural armor

Worn armor bonuses are reduced by 1 as a result of their chitinous spines

Favored Class: Cleric