View Full Version : Thirty Minutes- A Cold War RPG Series

Silent Hunter
2008-04-30, 02:24 PM
(OOC: Is this in the right place?)

This is a long-term future project of mine.

Thirty Minutes (the time it would take for an ICBM to travel between the US and the USSR or vice versa) would be a series of "one-shots" focussing on specific aspects of the Cold War, such as:

Latin America
The Southern African Wars
The Submarine Aspect
Strategic Air Command

It would jump around between times and places.

I'd like to use a gaming system- which would you recommend- d20 Modern or Spycraft?
I heard about some book involving Berlin as use for an RPG. What's it called?
Any advice?

2008-04-30, 06:11 PM
I recommend D20 Modern, but you can use the system to make your own guns according to the era.