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2008-05-01, 12:16 PM
Not to blow my own trumpet fellow playgrounders (okay, I am blowing my own trumpet but at least I'm being honest about it), I've just finished my first major homebrew project - Desire And The Dead (http://www.planewalker.com/index.php): A huge introductory adventure for the authorised Planescape 3rd edition website.

Nicely completed with....


...a whole 37 days to go until 4th edition arrives :smallamused:

Obviously, I have never heard the word 'brevity' when it comes to homebrewing, but in my defence I wanted to put out something designed for absolute novice DMs (new to both the setting and the game system).

This is also another chance to thank all the artists involved - everything is either public domain art or contributed by amateur artists and fans of the genre. Homebrewers take note: I found every single person I spoke to exceptionally friendly, positive, and helpful with regards to using their art... as long as you give credit where it's due and make clear that nobody (including you) is getting paid.

Comments welcome.
I also accept gold pieces of any denomination.

2008-05-01, 01:22 PM
*Menaces Armoury99 with gold piece the size of the penny from "The World's Finest" held 20 feet above his head by a crane with a quick release catch on the lift harness.*

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2008-05-01, 02:43 PM
Hey, Armoury

2008-05-03, 06:07 AM
Tallyho, fellow plane-hopper!

Seems you've caught me self-aggrandising.... :smalleek:

...and promoting Planewalker.com (http://www.planewalker.com/index.php) of course.