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2008-05-02, 04:31 PM
Bull Rush
Targets are pushed back 5ft. + additional 5 ft. per 10 points you exceed the target's STR check. If the target matches your STR check or exceeds it by 9 or less then neither of you budge. If your target exceeds your STR check by 10 or more, then you are pushed back 5ft.

When pushed back a character needs a Balance check DC 10 + feet they were pushed back. If they succeed they remain standing but otherwise they fall prone. For every 10ft. a creature is pushed back they take 1d6 falling damage. Tumble checks and Slowfall or any ability which protects from falling damage can reduce this falling damage (not distance) as normal.

These incur all the normal numerical penalties of Blindness and Deafness, but they are halved (round down). Half-blind/deaf can make Spot/Listen checks at a -10 penalty.

Disarm Other Items
Disarming an item on a person (but not wielded) requires a Sleight of Hand check DC = target's touch AC + item's size modifier (instead of target's) instead of opposed attacks. Attached items require a STR check equal to the Break DC of the item it’s attached to (leather strap, cloth wrap, belt, etc.). Worn items (clothing, armor, etc.) can’t be disarmed in 1 action, but multiple SoH checks equal to the number of rounds it normally takes to remove the armor, successfully “disarms” the armor (see Donning Armor).

Sunder Other Items
A character can make an attack against a target (using size modifier of the targeted object instead of the creature and ignoring natural armor. If they hit, the character deals damage directly to the selected armor, shield, or other piece of worn equipment. For every 5 points (after calculating reduction from hardness) of damage dealt, the piece of equipment takes a -1 penalty depending on what it is:
Weapon/Shield: Attack and damage rolls and Fort and Ref saves made by object.
Armor/Shield: AC, max dex, armor check penalties, and increases spell failure by 5% per -1.
Magic Item: Every -1 is an accumulative 10% chance that the item won't function each round.

Area effects damage all a character's equipment as well, although the character's equipment is all granted a Damage Reduction/- and Universal Energy Resistance equal to the character's level (unless specifically targeted).

Characters may make a Climb check instead of Grapple check to latch onto opponents larger than them (DC = Target’s TAC+5). You gain a +4 bonus to AC and attack rolls against your target while latched on them, but otherwise you are treated as grappling although you cannot pin them. Should your target try to grapple you, you must make an Grapple or Escape Artist checks normally.

You can instantly pin and ungrappled target by taking a -10 on your grapple check (-20 if you attempt to pick them up, see below).

You can pick up pinned foes and use them as weapons by making your grapple check to pin at a -10 penalty. If you succeed, you pick up the opponent and use them as an improvised weapon of appropriate size. While doing this you act as if not in grapple though you must keep the victim “pinned” every round. Every time you attack with your victim you deal the damage to both the victim and target.

Reflex Saves
You may dive for any cover within half your Jumping range as an immediate action and gain the benefits of that cover immediately (see Cover) but also become prone.

You can lunge in front of another creature within half your Jumping range as an immediate action granting them cover according to your sizes (1/2 if same size). You automatically fail your Ref save for the effect. If the effect is an attack and it misses the target’s new AC (but still hits your helpless AC), you’re hit instead, but otherwise the target is hit or both are missed.

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2008-05-02, 08:57 PM
I like them all, but especially the Reflex ones. It's handy.

2008-05-04, 04:59 PM
Thanks. I also thought of Call Shot rules:

Called Shot
As a full-round action a character can make 1 attack against a target at their full BAB and automatically threaten a critical hit. The character takes a penalty to this attack roll according to the weapon's size (Light: -4, One-handed: -8, Two-handed: -12). The crit still needs to be confirmed. Doing this provokes an AoO. The character can select any critical hit effect they wish to take adding an extra penalty:
1-60% effects (no extra penalty)
61-80% effects (extra -4 penalty)
81-94% effects (extra -8 penalty)
95-99% effects (extra -12 penalty)
100% effect (extra -16 penalty)
A character may forego his normal +2 to attack in order to perform a Call Shot with a charge.
Characters with Point Blank Shot treat 2-handed ranged weapons as 1-handed weapons for these purposes.

Coup de grace is a Call Shot, but due being helpless the crit is automatically confirmed as well. A helpless target's AC is 2 + armor + natural armor + size.

Anything corporeal and nonamorphous can be crit. A weapon deals 1 critical hit effect per multiplier beyond 1. A x2 critical hit multiplier would deal 1 critical hit effect, x3 would deal 2 critical hit effects, etc.
{table="head"]% rolled |Effect
01-04 |Trip attempt1,3
05-08 |Bull rush attempt1,3
09-12 |Disarm attempt1,3
13-16 |Sunder attempt1,3
17-20 |Unconscious for 1 round (Fort save DC10 + damage, negate)2
21-24 |Paralyzed for 1 round (Fort save DC10 + damage, negate)2
25-28 |Stunned for 1d2 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
29-32 |Blinded for 1d4 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
33-36 |Nauseated for 1d4 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
37-40 |1/2-blinded for 1d6 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
41-44 |Dazed for 1d6 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
45-48 |Deafened for 1d8 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
49-52 |Sickened for 1d8 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
53-56 |Dazzled for 1d10 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
57-60 |1/2-deafened for 1d10 rounds (Fort save DC10 + damage, 1/2 duration)2
61-80 |Normal critical hit damage
81-82 |Reroll for two more critical hit effects.
83-86 |Free extra attack on one adjacent target (as if with Cleave but the character need not drop the target)3
87-90 |Target becomes Wounded dealing 1 point of Constitution damage (Fort save DC 10 + damage to resist effect)2
91-94 |Target's speed is halved until damage from this attack is healed (Fort save DC 10 + damage to resist effect, this affects objects and creatures without a Con score)
95-97 |Critical hit effects and damage dealt by the attack become permanent until magically or surgically cured or restored.
98-99 |Target loses an appendage (see Vorpal)
100 |Death (Fort save DC10 + damage to resist effect)2 [/table]
1: Automatic attempts never provoke AoO.
2: Anything lacking a Con score is immune to unless it also affects objects. Critical failure makes the effect permanent until hit points are fully healed.
3: Reroll if effect is not applicable.

Works on anything that can be critically hit, but damage is halved against anything without a Con score.

Because creatures differ, you will need to make your own table when rolling. To do this, count up the total number of appendages the creature has including heads, arms, wings, legs, tails, tentacles, etc. List all the appendages unless the creature has a large number of similar appendages (such as a Megapede or Kraken) in which case merely put "Legs" or "Tentacles" as an entry and the creature will lose 25% of these appendages should it be rolled (minimum 1).
Roll a dice or pair of die closest to the number of appendages listed to determine which is lost. The natural attacks, weapon-wielding, and/or other abilities tied to the appendage are lost and the target now takes a -4 penalty to all Strength and Dexterity based checks made which require the use of that appendage and a permanent 10% arcane spell failure if the appendage was necessary for somatic components. If the appendage was locomotive, their speed is reduced by 2/3 (bipedal), 1/3 (quadruped), 1/6 (multiped) and maneuverability is reduced by 3 levels (2 wings/fins), 2 (4), 1 (more). The creature also takes 1d4+1 Constitution damage. Creatures that lose heads die instantly unless they have multiple heads or noted otherwise.