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2006-05-28, 02:40 PM
Round 7 started at 20:40 PM CET
Murder Game Round 7

You can see who is playing this round right here (http://www.quibuscms.net/index.php?task=murder&action=mu_show&mu_round=7).

List of players:
username (screenname) [8]
Zann (Zann)
Kedrot (Kedrot)
Prowl (Prowl)
CabbageTheif (CabbageTheif)
Gengy (Gengy)
kill_the_cleric (kill the cleric)
maskedllama (Masked Llama)

2006-05-28, 03:31 PM
let's get this started, then!

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-05-30, 12:48 PM
*sticks his nose to the ground and starts gathering scents and looking for suspects*

2006-05-31, 04:50 PM
hahaha I found you!

by by masked llama.

2006-06-01, 01:58 PM
you can't kill in this thread...

and by the way...


2006-06-03, 01:14 AM
*walks in, calmly despite the sword through him*

do we post here if we're dead? Or just wait till someone finds out?

errm, yeah, is anyone still alive?

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-06-03, 01:50 AM
just wait till someone finds the proof of your demise, but we have not had good detectives this game :'(

2006-06-03, 08:15 AM
Well, the round has ended. Kedrot has been awarded the Survivor badge, Maskes Llama has won the Top Assassin Badge with three kills and everyone has one the Detective Badge with zero detective points!

Wear the detective badge with this code:


Kedrot (Kedrot)
2 point for killing kill_the_cleric (kill the cleric) and Krursk (Krursk)
Kedrot (Kedrot)

DEAD Gengy (Gengy)
CabbageTheif (CabbageTheif)

DEAD Zann (Zann)
Prowl (Prowl)

DEAD Prowl (Prowl)
1 point for killing Gengy (Gengy)
CabbageTheif (CabbageTheif)

DEAD CabbageTheif (CabbageTheif)
Krursk (Krursk)

DEAD maskedllama (Masked Llama)
3 points for killing Zann (Zann), Prowl (Prowl) and CabbageTheif (CabbageTheif)
Krursk (Krursk)

DEAD kill_the_cleric (kill the cleric)
1 point for killing maskedllama (Masked Llama)
Krursk (Krursk)

DEAD Krursk (Krursk)
Keddrot (Kedrot)

2006-06-03, 08:41 AM

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-06-03, 11:45 AM
that was fun. Will we get a picture of a llama in the squishycube now?