View Full Version : The Olympic Games!

2008-05-07, 06:46 AM
Putting the Olympics into D&D form. First up, archery.

8 archers compete against each other. For the quarter-final, they are paired against each other.

1. Each person attacks the target (70 metres away) with a shortbow. Where it hits is determined below.

Outer ring: 10 AC (Medium)
Second ring: 11 AC (Small)
Third ring: 12 AC (Tiny)
Fourth ring: 14 AC (Diminutive)
Center: 18 AC (Fine)

Each competitor fires 3 arrows, and the centremost arrow wins (in the case of a tie, go for the second and thirdmost arrow, and then fire extra arrows). The same process goes for the semifinals, then the losers of these compete for bronze, and the two finalists compete for gold and silver.