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2008-05-08, 10:42 PM
hey guys and gals got another question

in what setting is it ok to use a random dungeon generator... and a mad wizard is not a decent excuse...

also my player (singular) has wanted more RP in the games and other than making NPC that are not essential to the plot...

i got the idea of out of dungeon RP with some fighting (like a tavern brawl) that is fueled by RP and some In-dungeon fights with some RP (like convincing a group of kobalds that it is not worth fighting us because we the party) will just destroy you (bluff/diplomacy/intimidate) when low on health) or buy the healing services off a random Drow priestess in exchange for protection from the monsters that had killed her bodyguards)

any advise...

2008-05-08, 10:46 PM
The best part about running a solo campaign is that you get alot more chance to develop your character and RP.

Combat isn't quite as fun when you don't have other PCs.

If you have an DMPC party for him, take time to RP them and develop them. Whole sessions can pass just with inter-party interaction.

Otherwise, you CAN have RP that is not directly related to combat or aquiring resources. Is your PC an adolesent guy? If so, a very easy way to involve him is to make a hot female that he can flirt with. Don't make her a whore/sex object, but certinally be generous with the Charisma and have her dress flirtatiously. Also, if you are lazy just use a celebrity you know he likes for a model for appearance and personality.

2008-05-08, 11:07 PM
personally i enjoy creating dungeons to use generator, but...

i would use it for a larger complex system of caves, just add a race that lives in said caves, and a semi-logical reason for them to be attacked(such as they eat babies on a regular basis, wether or not its true can make it RP freindly) and my favorite things about caves is they make such great encounter sites, caves formed by lava have lava pools, caves made by water have underground rivers, caves made by burrowing can have all sorts of nasty shocks, Ive always enjoyed the look on a players face when they are leaving the tunnel accomplishing what they came to do(and thusly presuming it will be a cake walk out) just to get lost in the tunnels and walk quite loudly into a large nest of ankhegs.

also I've always liked the idea of catacombs below a church, slightly cliche but also a classic.

Inyssius Tor
2008-05-09, 01:26 PM
I honestly can't think of any sound reason to use a random dungeon generator. If you need areas that look like they've been made or lived in by sentient creatures, then you really should use a pre-made area or make one yourself. Even if sentient creatures are absent, you still need some sort of coherent theme--it's not that hard to throw something together, and whatever you make will probably be better than what a generator can spit out.