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2008-05-10, 04:27 AM
Hey, I've started a low magic campaign with two 9LvL players. As a lot of the gamebalance is based on the wealth by LvL I need some kind of replacement. I don't want them running around finding & buying magic stuff so they 'found' two sets of items that match them perfectly and seem to grow in power as they LvL up.

But as I mentioned balance, that's not my thing. I'm afraid to give them 'unbalanced' so I'd like to test it here for a minute.


2nd LvL Fighter/7th LvL Ranger
4th LvL Fighter/1st Barbarian/4 Archer PrC (homebrew)


A Mithril Chainshirt & 2 Shortswords
A Mithril Chainshirt & a Composite Longbow

They both have

+2 On any stat (unchangeble later)
+2 Chainshirt
+5 on any skill (unchangeble later)
1 Restoration / Day
4 Cure Critical Wounds / Day (4d8+7)
+1 On All saves

And have different

2x +2 Shortsword. When wielded together the character fights as if he had no of-hand.
+2 Mithril Buckler

(+4 composite) +3 Magic Longbow.
A Magic Arrowholder containing 1000 Arrows. The Holder gives some arrows a magical property as a one-shot item.
4 * Entangle
3 * Web
2 * Fireball
1 * Solid fog

This is wath I have so far, All help on balance will be apriciated. I Also like some ideas for when they hit LvL 10.

Probably I'll go for:

From +2 on stat to +4 on stat.
+1 Deflection Bonus
Few Extra Spellarrows
The Ranger gets a Freedom of Movement (1 round / Ranger LvL ) thing.