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Somber Requiem
2008-05-10, 11:57 AM
You know, I'm tired of elves getting all the credit for making magic. Or dragons. They're giant flying lizards that can eat whole buildings! What do they need magic for on top of it for? So I was thinking what if those infinitely adaptable and practical humans invented magic and used it to make their own age of wonder? Of course then something went wrong, age went boom, and scattered these people to the wind?

Warders (abjuration): The warders are the decendants of humans who studied and mastered abjuration on Atlantis. Stand offish and taciturn, they tend to be a practical and wary lot. Warders frequently test friends for proof of their loyalty before they will trust them. Warders are slim and fair skinned, always appearing more delicate than they truly are, but are rarely timid or fearful of their own safety.

Warder racial abilities:
- Aura of deflection (su): one of the most telling traits of Warders is an inate field of protection that is always active. At first level Warders posses a +1 deflection bonus. This increases by one for every four levels a warder gains; +2 at 4th, +3 at 8th, +4 at 12th, +5 at 16th and +6 at 20th. This ability does not stack with other deflection affects such as through a ring of protection.

- Resistance (ex): all warders possess an inate toughness. +1 to all savings throws.

Callers (Conjuration): The callers are typically a self sufficient lot. Thanks to their inate skill with summoning they have the ability to call an extraplanar servant to assist their needs. Thus it is not uncommon for a Caller rogue to have an air elemental servant to assist with flanking or a wizard to employ an earth elemental for protection. Callers tend to have skin and hair colors that reflect the elemental type they summon.

Caller racial abilities:
- Elemental Servant (su): at first level all Callers can summon an elemental servant. This servant is a small elemental as out of the MM. The elemental servant can speak common in addition to their elemental language. The servant gains hit die equal to 1/2 the caller level, rounded down. The servant does not increase in size with hit die. The servant must remain within one mile of the Caller or be dismissed as if destroyed. If the servant ever loses all its hitpoints it returns to its elemental plane and can not be summoned for one day per hit point of the servant. The servant always tries to fulfill the needs of its Caller to the best of its ability.

- Snatch (su): As a standard action the Caller can teleport any non-living object within thirty feet into their hand. The object must weigh no more than five pounds. If it is unwilling or being held by another person then the object or its wielder gets a will savings throw DC: 10 + 1/2 the Caller's hit dice.

Seekers (divination): While frequently dubbed "seekers" many descendants of the Seeker bloodline claim to not have any innate desire for knowledge. That said, many seekers do possess an uncanny curiousity and habit for prying into the affairs of others. Seekers are frequently optimistic about the world and their place in it. While general human in all appearance, Seekers typically possessed eyes in striking colors, such as golds and silvers and prismatic hues.

Seeker racial abilities:
-Detect Magic (su): All seekers have the ability to see enchantments within sixty feet. This is a constant ability that the seeker can not willingly suppress.

- Compass (ex): Seekers have an inate sense of direction, whether above ground or undergrounds. They recieve a +4 to survival checks when navigating or avoiding becoming lost.

- Keen senses: All seekers recieve a +2 bonus to all spot and search checks.

The Singers: Also know as "Speakers", "The Sweet", and "Sirens", Singers are those who have access to the enchantment bloodline. Singers are always social people, frequently the center of attention in everything they do. While their physical appearance might vary greatly, all Singers possess inspiring or intimidating voices. Many Singers, however, are avoided or persecuted by those who learn of their persuasive powers.

Singer racial ability:
- negotiation (ex): All Singers can choose at first level one area of negotiation in which to excel: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidation, or Perform. The Singer get a +2 racial bonus to skill checks with that skill. This bonus increases to +4 at 5th level and +6 at 10th level. The Singer can suppress this ability at will.

- Daze (su): Singers may, as a standard action, daze a humanoid target within 30 feet. That target loses its next action, but retains its full defense and movement if it fails a will save DC: 10 + the Singer's character level. A target that suceeds at its save is not affect by that Singer for 24 hours. The Singer must be able to speak to the target and be heard, but language is not a barrier.

The Broken: Those who believe the children of the Bloodline of evocation are damaged soon realize that the name is more properly applied to those that cross them. The broken are typically very powerful appearing and strident individuals. They have no hesitation to share their opinions and are frequently quite stubborn once they set their minds.

Broken racial abilities:

Kinetic strike (su): The Broken exude an aura of force that empowers their weapons. Whenever they successfully hit with a weapon or unarmed strike, they inflict an additional amount of force damage. This damage does not stack with other force affects the weapon might have. At 1st lvl it is 1d2 points, 1d4 at 5th, 1d6 at 10th, 2d4 at 15th, and 2d6 at 20th.

Glow (ex): the Broken can, at will, choose to shed light as a standard torch. This light can emerge from their skin, hair, hand, or eyes.

The Fair: The inheretors of the illusion bloodlines are always beautiful. Unless they don't want to be. Skilled at appearing how they want to appear, the Fair glide through social situations as they wish: ignored if they want to be ignored and standing out of they want to be noticed. While the Fair may not be charismatic or convincing in conversation they almost always get the impression they desire. The Fair stripped of their glamour typically are pallid, pale haired, and scrawny in appearance.

Fair racial abilities:
Disguise Self (su): This functions as the spell as a perminent effect. The Fair can alter it as a full round action.

Ghost sound (su): This functions as the spell. It can be used at will.

The Lost: Necromancy is always a feared source of magic, and its offspring are equally feared. The lost possess the cold certainty of the grave. Frequently forced to be loners, the lost are frequently a grim or dour lot, though some spite their bloodline by affecting a cavailier air. One thing is certain, none of them have a fear of death. The Lost typically have very fair skin, dark eyes, and either very dark or very fair hair.

Lost racial abilities:

Undead negotiation (ex): the Lost have a +4 to all diplomacy and intimidate checks made with intelligent undead. They likewise have the ability to shift unintelligent undead's reaction to neutral through a diplomacy check DC: 10+ hit die of the highest undead present. Neutral undead will not attack the Lost character unless that character performs an aggressive action.

Grim grasp (su): the lost can drain strength from those they touch. Any one struck by the Lost must make a fortitude save DC: 10 + level of the character. Those that fail lose 1 point of strength. The Lost can drain no more than one point per round, and no more than 1/2 his character level rounded up. This can not reduce their strength below 1.

Fearsome (ex): the Lost have a +4 skill bonus to intimidate checks.

Shapers: Those born to the bloodline of transmutation always seem to have the best equipment; never torn or broken and always enchanted. Shapers appear unremarible themselves but a bit of their magic always rubs off on the equipment they wear. Thus Shapers are frequently seen wearing gaudy, impressive, or expensive attire. Their attitude is frequently covetous.

Shaper racial abilities:

Magical weapon (su): no shaper would ever be without a magical weapon. When carrying a weapon the shaper embues it with an enhansement bonus. The weapon must be carried on his person for one week per level of enhansement. If it is removed from his person it immediately becomes non-magical, but resumes its enchantment if the Shaper picks it up within one day. This bonus is +1 at first level, +2 at 5th, +3 at 9th, +4 at 13th, and +5 at 17th.

Mending aura (su): the Shaper possesses an aura that keeps the equipment in his possession under a constant mending spell effect. All object within 5' of him are physically repaired after 24 hours. The objects have to be constantly around the Shaper in order to be affected.

2008-05-10, 02:31 PM
Wow, this is a really cool idea and I really like the names.

I do think that these abilities are questionably level adjustment +1 though.

Warder, Caller, and Seekers are very well done and I can't really make complaints there.

Broken I think should be able to select their energy damage rather than being forced to do force damage. Their name needs some adjustment too, if they break things they should be called Breakers.

The Fair? There are so many good names to call illusionists...this isn't it. Try Fabricators, Cons, Deceivers, Cozeners, Defrauders, Descryers, Masqueraders, Cloakers, Chameleons, Veilers, Defrauders, etc.

Overall, very good idea. Just needs work on balance mostly. My name suggestions are just personal suggestions more than balance.

2008-05-10, 03:02 PM
They're giant flying lizards that can eat whole buildings! What do they need magic for on top of it for?

To exist. Really, do you know how ridiculously impossible it is for a dragon to exist? Their existence would break more rules of universe than they'd obey.

Elves are also ridiculous, but not that much.

Humans are quite possible (though improbable), so they don't actually need magic.