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2008-05-10, 11:59 AM
Hey, I've started a low magic campaign with two 9LvL players. As a lot of the gamebalance is based on the wealth by LvL I need some kind of replacement. I don't want them running around finding & buying magic stuff so they 'found' two sets of items that match them perfectly and seem to grow in power as they LvL up.

But as I mentioned balance, that's not my thing. I'm afraid to give them 'unbalanced' so I'd like to test it here for a minute.


2nd LvL Fighter/7th LvL Ranger
4th LvL Fighter/1st Barbarian/4 Archer PrC (homebrew)


A Mithril Chainshirt & 2 Shortswords
A Mithril Chainshirt & a Composite Longbow

They both have

+2 On any stat (unchangeble later)
+2 Chainshirt
+5 on any skill (unchangeble later)
1 Restoration / Day
4 Cure Critical Wounds / Day (4d8+7)
+1 On All saves

And have different

2x +2 Shortsword. When wielded together the character fights as if he had no of-hand.
+2 Mithril Buckler

(+4 composite) +3 Magic Longbow.
A Magic Arrowholder containing 1000 Arrows. The Holder gives some arrows a magical property as a one-shot item.
4 * Entangle
3 * Web
2 * Fireball
1 * Solid fog

This is wath I have so far, All help on balance will be apriciated. I Also like some ideas for when they hit LvL 10.

Probably I'll go for:

From +2 on stat to +4 on stat.
+1 Deflection Bonus
Few Extra Spellarrows
The Ranger gets a Freedom of Movement (1 round / Ranger LvL ) thing.

2008-05-11, 01:49 PM
Wow. That sounds like w00tsauce so far! Why not look into giving them the effects of the Vow of Poverty feat, without the requirements? (Also, you would need to change the list of bonus feats from exalted to something else, say fighter feats.)