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2008-05-10, 04:35 PM
So I've created a character for a game thats about to start up, superheros with an assortment of odd/awesome powers. My character is able to us Dimension Door as a Sp, acquires feats at every even level, has boosted Dex, and can hide in plain sight, in addition to this, in a level or so he'll also have +20 to hide. As is, I've stated him up as a Rogue, but as I've just now got my hands on the Tome of Battle I'm leaning more towards Swordsage. Problem is I don't really want to give up the SA, and too few strikes allow for multiple attacks in a round. My initial thought was a cross between Nightcrawler and Deadpool, relying on a whole lotta SA damage to take down baddies. Now I'm unsure. What should I do? Straight rogue/swordsage? Dip for a few maneuvers and Shadow Blade? Abandon TWF? Multiclass and go Shadow Sun Ninja? My prime concern isn't optimization, but I definitely would like to be able to pull off what I want to do.

2008-05-10, 05:03 PM
Well, you can get Sneak Attack from Swordsage, through Assassin's Stance. But that's only 2d6, and I don't think there's any way to increase it without dipping other classes.

The simple answer, with regards to the ToB classes, is to decide exactly what maneuvers and stances you'd specifically like to have, and take enough levels to get them. Remember that other classes progress your initiator level (at half speed), so it's possible to get a moderately high level maneuver from a single-level dip, if you're patient enough to wait until high level to get it.

I take it that the Dimension Door, HiPS, etc. are freebie extras that the DM is allowing you to have on top of your class abilities? And are the feats at every even level in addition to the regular one per three levels (like a fighter's), or instead of?

2008-05-10, 05:31 PM
They are extras, not exactly freebies as they cost a certain amount of points granted. The feats are instead of, rather than in addition to.

As far as what I'd like, aside from Real Ultimate Power, I think Dex to damage is decidedly good (via shadow blade) as the Dex increase granted increases by one every level. Was planning on going TWF route with Darkstalker, as I believe the more mundane forms of hiding work more consistently than the Invisies (Trueseeing et. al, not to mention a simple Detect Magic). If I am going to do the dip, I can't help but notice a straight up 5th level Ss using the Assassin's stance loses only one d6 of damage vs a 5th level rogue. As I'm not planning on investing too heavily in skills (DD makes open lock obsolete) and would like to focus on a more combat oriented sneak, the d6 is probably worth what I'd gain (HP, saves, other maneuvers). That being said, I'd like the maneuvers to work with the TWF basics I've been planning on and account for weaknesses in the build, so what I guess I'm looking for are the best ways do that.