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Soup of Kings
2008-05-13, 11:43 PM
"No one is luckier than him who believes in his luck."
-German Proverb

The Arcane Gambler is a master of the ars fortuna; Lady Luck is his mistress and he routinely bets his life on the flip of a coin, the turn of a card or a roll of the dice. He doesn't so much rely on luck as he shapes it, works alongside it and uses it for personal gain. His supernatural gambling abilities are described by some as almost magical; indeed, some of them are. Bards are the most likely class to be inclined to become an Arcane Gambler; the promise of easy money is a nice benefit, but the Arcane Gambler is useful in combat as well, manipulating fate to bring his party out on top. Sorcerers and Wizards may become Arcane Gamblers as well, although they are not particularly inclined to do so. A Sorcerer or Wizard sacrifices spell advancement at the cost of support skills if he takes the path of the Arcane Gambler.
Hit Die: d6

To qualify to become an Arcane Gambler, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.
Alignment: Any nonlawful.
Skills: Bluff 8 ranks, Sleight of Hand 8 ranks, Profession (Gambler) 4 ranks.
Spells: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Special: The character must be a proficient gambler, routinely gaining and/or losing large sums. Mundane gambling is the basis of most Arcane Gambler features. The character must also have at least a +2 Dexterity modifier.

Class Skills
The Arcane Gambler's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Perform (Cha), Profession (Gambler) (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), and Spellcraft (Int).
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

The Arcane Gambler
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells per Day/Spells Known

1st|+1|+0|+2|+2|Arcane Luck, Second Chance|

2nd|+2|+0|+3|+3|Imbue Fortune, Enhanced Deck|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class

3rd|+3|+1|+3|+3|Aura of Plenty

4th|+4|+1|+4|+4|Poker Face, Imbue Misfortune|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class

5th|+5|+1|+4|+4|Greater Aura of Plenty[/table]

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the Arcane Gambler prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An Arcane Gambler gains Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Throwing Cards) as a bonus feat at 1st level. This applies to both a standard deck of playing cards thrown as weapons (1d2, x2, Slashing) and a specially-crafted set of razor tipped cards (1d4, 19-20 x2, Piercing).

Spells per Day/Spells Known: At 2nd and 4th level, and Arcane Gambler gains spells per day (and spells known, if applicable) as if he had also gained a level in an arcane spellcasting class that he had access to before he becamee an Arcane Gambler. In addition, he uses the sum of his Arcane Gambler levels and all existing class levels in that arcane spellcasting class for determining caster level. For example, a 6th level Bard/2nd level Arcane Gambler would cast spells as a 7th level Bard, and would be able to cast 3rd level spells assuming he had a Charisma modifier of at least +3.

Arcane Luck: An Arcane Gambler gains Arcane Disciple (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Arcane_Disciple,CD) as a bonus feat at first level, even if he does not meet the prerequisites for that feat. However, he is restricted to the Luck domain.

Second Chance (Ex): Starting at first level, the Arcane Gambler can reroll any one roll per day just before the DM announces if the roll was a failure or a success, as with the Cleric's Luck Domain granted power. The Gambler must take the new result, even if it is worse than the original roll.

Imbue Fortune (Su): Starting at 2nd level, once per day per class level, an Arcane Gambler can channel the raw power of fortune into an inanimate object, typically a piece of equipment. As long as an intelligent being is in contact with the object in question, the power grants that creature the Gambler's Second Chance ability. This effect lasts until dispelled by the Arcane Gambler. The Arcane Gambler may have a number of these effects equal to his class level in effect at any given time.

Enhanced Deck (Su): At 2nd level and above, the Arcane Gambler is granted a deck of cards which manifests magically in his hand at will. An Arcane Gambler may, as a standard action which provokes attacks of opportunity, sacrifice a spell of level X, which cannot be higher than his class level. He then manifests his deck and draws a number of cards equal to 5+X. The best five card poker hand he can form from those cards then grants him a magical bonus as shown on the table below. This ability can be used once per day per class level. Manifesting the deck is a free action and drawing the cards is a standard action. Each time the deck is manifested it appears as a full deck of standard playing cards which function like mundane cards in every other aspect. The Arcane Gambler may dismiss the deck at will; all 52 cards simply vanish, no matter where they are.

Arcane Gambler Enhancement Hands
The value of a face card is ten for purposes of determining the following effects.

No Pair|
The Gambler's next d20 roll gets a luck bonus equal to the face value of his highest card.

One Pair|
The Gambler and up to one ally of his choice gain the aforementioned luck bonus, equal to the value of the card in the pair.

Two Pair|
The Gambler gains the effects of a haste spell for an amount of rounds equal to the value of the card of the highest pair.

Three of a Kind|
The Gambler and up to two allies of his choice gain the aforementioned luck bonus, equal to the value of the card in the triplet.

The Gambler may move up to twice his speed as a move action for a number of rounds equal to the value of the highest card in the straight.

The Gambler's Fort, Will, and Ref save bonuses are all reduced to zero for an amount of rounds equal to the value of the highest card.

Full House|
The Gambler may cast summon monster of a level equal to the value of the highest card as if he had prepared it that morning, even if he could not normally cast spells of that level. If his highest card is a 10, he gets summon monster IX.

Four of a Kind|
The Gambler and up to three allies of his choice gain the aforementioned luck bonus, equal to the value of the card in the quadruplet.

Straight Flush|
The Gambler's next ranged attack is a guaranteed hit (You should still roll to determine if he scores a critical hit). However, he loses his dexterity bonus to AC for an amount of rounds equal to the high card.

Royal Flush|
The arcane gambler becomes immune to both magic and psionics, including all (Su) abilities, all diseases and poisons, and all HP damage, gains a +50 luck bonus to AC, all Saves, all caster level checks, and all attack rolls, for a number of rounds equal to his class level.[/table]

Aura of Plenty (Su): At third level and above, anyone who the Arcane Gambler considers an ally within 50' of him gains the favor of Lady Luck, as does the Gambler himself. Creatures under this affect almost seem to attract wealth magnetically; any purse sufficiently full within 50' is almost guaranteed to drop coins, and characters under this affect gain a +10 bonus to listen checks to distinguish the sound of money dropping. Also, services and goods are generally rendered to the Gambler and his party at around 90% of their normal cost.

Poker Face (Ex): This 4th level Gambler ability is rooted in mundane gambling, but the Arcane Gambler is a master of the art. He gains almost perfect control of his outward appearance in regard to emotion, excitement, etc. His features become incredibly difficult to read. This confers a cumulative +1 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Gather Information checks for each Arcane Gambler level.

Imbue Misfortune (Su): This ability, granted at 4th level, is identical to Imbue Fortune except that instead of allowing a reroll, it forces the creature's next attack roll, damage roll, or saving throw (Gambler's choice) to be divided in half and rounded down. Using this ability on an opponent's equipment during combat requires a touch attack and provokes an attack of opportunity.

Greater Aura of Plenty (Su) This ability functions identically to Aura of Plenty, except that it affects all allies within 100' and services and goods are further reduced to 80% of their normal cost.

Notes and Tidbits

This is my first PrC, or really, my first homebrew ever. I think I've seen the idea somewhere before, but I don't remember where, and at any rate, I didn't like it. Then again, this is likely a pile. As such, it heavily relies on you guys to correct me where I'm wrong or where I did a crappy job in general. Notes on the Enhanced Deck: It's meant to be used only once per combat, as you can only do it with a full deck anyway. I was considering allowing d% rolls for effects, but after looking at the odds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker_probability), it would've been impossible. I don't know if I quite captured the power of the better hands. For instance, the Royal Flush should only come up once every 650,000 uses, so it should probably just instantly kill every BBEG ever, plus Pun-Pun, plus the Omniscificer, plus Invisible Christopher Walken, with no saving throw. All in all, it may have been a bad idea, but it was a cool concept...meh. Notes on the throwing cards: I'm sure they're in a book somewhere. I didn't look, I just made something up off the top of my head. Looking back, I forgot to include a range increment. I'll get to it later. If you have official stats for throwing cards, let me know. Notes on the use of the term "Arcane": I was considering giving him spells from the Luck Domain, but didn't know how to go about it, and didn't wanna bother with the headache. I don't even know if he's balanced as is, so I don't want to throw in that particular factor.

Let me know what you think, and please, for the love of Gygax, don't sugarcoat it. I need constructive criticism badly. That said, if you praise me, it ought to be a hell of an ego boost :smallbiggrin:

2008-05-15, 11:56 PM
For the table, I believe the problem is the table of enhancement cards lacks a [ / table ] tag.

As for the class itself... way cool.
The save for Royal Flush is pretty high... is it subjected to things like immunity to death effects and the like? Otherwise, for a 5 level class, it could be seen as a little too easy to kill everything in the world.
Edit: I just noticed the odds of actually drawing the cards... still, it should be able to fail if it comes up. It's definitely a little too powerful.

I'm no expert on the subject, and frankly, i'm lousy at making classes, but that's my take on it. :)

Anyway, totally awesome either way.

Soup of Kings
2008-05-16, 02:16 AM
Okay. I wanted the Royal Flush to be truly epic considering the ridiculously low odds (The average campaign should NEVER see it) but you make a good point. I lowered the save DC by 10. Is that enough?

I also subjected it to the normal immunity to Death effects.

Thanks for the tip on the table. I work with BBCode often enough that I should have caught that. I feel stupid now :smallbiggrin:

Thanks for the tips and the compliments. Still looking to tweak it, though, if anyone thinks it's unbalanced.


2008-05-16, 07:08 AM
Okay. I wanted the Royal Flush to be truly epic considering the ridiculously low odds (The average campaign should NEVER see it) but you make a good point. I lowered the save DC by 10. Is that enough?

I also subjected it to the normal immunity to Death effects.

Thanks for the tip on the table. I work with BBCode often enough that I should have caught that. I feel stupid now :smallbiggrin:

Thanks for the tips and the compliments. Still looking to tweak it, though, if anyone thinks it's unbalanced.


Definitely more reasonable now. I mean, it should be powerful, no doubt about that, but as a DM I cringe at the thought of a fairly low-level character with that kind of power.
For example:
Me: "Okay, the king of Random Example-land has agreed to meet with you guys to discuss the Kobold invasion."
Arcane Gambler: "Hi, your majesty! Want to play some cards?"
King: "Sure why n-" (king dies)

The odds are high, but the last thing I want is to have my campaign derailed like that! :smallwink:

Another thing that occurred to me, what if they recieve a "+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class" kind of bonus every now and then? They're Arcane Gamblers, so it's only fair if they recieve some kind of spellcasting boost. Even if it's only every other level, or something.

I'd also like to see other gambling-type abilities, or maybe a "Poker Face" power, that shields them from Sense Motive checks or Alignment detection or something. :D

And I promise to stop nitpicking your class eventually, but I really like it. I actually have the perfect NPC to give this to. :D

Soup of Kings
2008-05-16, 07:49 AM
Oh, please, nitpick as much as you want. It's helpful.

I like that Poker Face idea. Lemme see what I can do with it. Possibly a substantial bonus to Bluff checks...

I'm not sure how adding levels of existing spellcasting classes actually works for Prestige Classes, but I'll look into it.

An if you do wind up using this, lemme know how it works out. :smallbiggrin:

EDIT: Looking back over it myself, I noticed one small gripe I have, so I'm going to nitpick myself. Enhanced Deck seems a bit vaguely worded. Since a ranged attack is already a "Standard action which provokes attacks of opportunity," it seems redundant as written. But the idea is that drawing the cards is the action and you can't attack with them on that turn. I'll reword it.

ANOTHER EDIT: Took care of it, and added Poker Face. Gave it a bonus not just to Bluff, but also Gather Information and Diplomacy, since the Arcane Gambler is so in control of his emotions.

2008-05-16, 12:14 PM
I like the idea, but there are a few things I'd like to point out.

First of all, 2+Int skill points? Really? For a Bard-based PrC? At least give them 4+Int and add in Perform and probably some Knowledges and Spellcraft - those are gonna be things a Bard would HATE to lose, and it's an arcane gambler, after all.

For the skill requirements, I'd almost suggest cutting some (or lessening them) and adding in Profession (Gambler). There's a precedent for that - I believe Fatespinner (Complete Arcane) requires 4 ranks in it.

Also, why not make the 7-rank requirements into 8? Most PrCs are designed to be entered after 5th level, so you'd take your first level in it at 6th character level. Here, they can enter one level earlier.

I agree about adding "+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class" to a few levels, probably 2 and 4 (or 1, 3, and 5 if you want it to be a little more powerful). Basically, how that works is just that, for each level they gain the +1 level, they add that to their actual Bard/Sorcerer/whatever level to determine Caster Level, spells per day (and spells known if applicable), and stuff like that.

For the razor-tipped playing cards, stats look good overall, but why did you go with "slashing or piercing" for the damage type? That means they'd have to pick which sort of damage each card would do. I'd just go with "slashing and piercing" for simplicity's sake.

I like the Imbue Misfortune idea, but instead of having to divide and round and stuff, just force them to make two rolls and take the lower of the two. Or something like that. It's up to you, but that just seems like a better mirror power to Imbue Fortune.

I don't have ideas for mechanics, but I was thinking it might be cool to have a swift action ability to draw one card and do something based on it. I don't know what, though. :smallredface:

Finally, you might want to look into poker dice (http://www.drinkstuff.com/productimg/21943_large.jpg) and see if you could find something cool to use them for or find a way to make the Enhanced Deck ability work off of them. I've got a couple of sets (another RPG, Gunslingers and Gamblers, uses them), but they might be hard to find if you don't buy them online. It's not really necessary for the class, but I think it might be cool.

Soup of Kings
2008-05-16, 02:59 PM
Skills: I hadn't considered that, I only though of skills related to gambling and luck, although you make a good point. I'll check it out.

Skill requirements: I considered Profession (Gambler), but didn't see it anywhere in the PHB. I'll put it in and tweak the ranks required.

Levels of existing Arcane Spellcasting class: Looking into it. I'd really like to see an example from some published material so I know how to word it. I'll dig around.

Razor cards: I went with slashing or piercing because it would obviously be different depending on whether you glanced them or stuck it in them. Considering that it would be mostly forward force, and a low percentage of hits would glance off like that, I'll change it to simply piercing (It'll be sort of like a throwing knife, only it's a card).

Imbue Misfortune: Changing it as per your suggestion.

Quick draw thingy: I won't actually call it quick draw, obviously, but I'll think about it.

Poker dice: They'd be hard to find, and you can't get flushes, but I suppose if the DM wanted to he could substitute them. They'd be cool, but a deck of playing cards is just so much easier to get.

I'm editing my original post, so take a peek up there.

EDIT: I decided not to change the mechanics for Imbue Misfortune, the reason being that the Luck Domain reroll I based Imbue Fortune off of is generally used to improve a poor roll, but since monster's rolls are made in secret usually, Imbue Misfortune would be much less useful if done like that. This way, it's at least always going to have a beneficial effect (It's higher level than Imbue Fortune, which ALMOST always has a beneficial effect). That's not to say you might not waste it; the monster may roll a two right after you hit him with it :smallbiggrin:

2008-05-16, 04:04 PM
Arcane Gamblers should need some arcane class before they hit the PrC, shouldn't they?

Give access to Cleric Luck domain spells as Arcane spells somehow?

Burn spell slots for Luck effects?
(Ie, what if you got to reroll by burning spells/day. The first reroll requires you burn a 1st level spell, the 2nd a 2nd level spell, etc?)

You could use the same idea for thrown weapons. Burn a level X spell, get +X bonus to ranged attacks for a round. (This bonus cannot exceed your Arcane Gambler level).


Imbue Fortune: The luck blessing should stay on the item until the Gambler reuses that use of Imbue Fortune. Simpler to keep track of.


Enhanced Deck: Neat. I'd be tempted to make this a more core part of the class.

Something like: Luck of the Draw
As a swift action, the Arcane Gambler may burn a level X arcane spell/day in order to draw X cards from a standard 52 card deck. The arcane gambler may not draw more cards than they have levels in the arcane gambler class.

Pair: The gamblers next d20 roll gets a luck bonus equal to the face value of the card. (face cards are 10s). Must be used within 1 round.

Two pair: The gambler gets the high pair, and 1 ally gets the bonus from the low pair. Must be used within 1 round.

Three of a kind: The gambler gets the bonus on the next two rolls. Must be used within 1 round.

Strait: Gain a luck bonus equal to the length of the strait for a number of rounds equal to the high card on all rolls.

Flush: Luck penalty equal to the length of the Flush on all rolls against the Gambler for 1 round.

Full House: As three of a kind, plus an ally gets a luck bonus equal to the pair.

Four of a Kind: Gain a luck bonus on all rolls next round equal to the value of the cards.

Strait Flush: Gain a luck bonus equal to the high card for a number of rounds equal to the length of the Strait Flush.

Royal Flush: The arcane gambler becomes immune to both magic and psi, including all (Su) abilities, all diseases and poisons, and all HP damage, gains a +50 luck bonus to AC, all Saves, all caster level checks, and all attack rolls, for 1 round.


That means that the Arcane Gambler is now fueling their magic luck via magic spells.

Soup of Kings
2008-05-16, 05:03 PM
I like your Luck of the Draw idea. I need a bit of clarity though. When you mention straights and flushes of different lengths, does that mean that it counts anywhere from 2 to 5? In that case, it seems like drawing a five card hand would ALWAYS confer at least a 2 point luck penalty...or does only the best result count? Or does the Gambler get to choose the effect in that case? Good ideas, but need to be cleared up a bit, then I'll add them.

As for Imbue Fortune, I just had a whole new idea. What if the object imbued is granted a random magical property, rolled from the appropriate table in the DMG? For instance, if the Gambler uses this ability on a buckler, the DM rolls d% and it comes up 4. The buckler becomes a Buckler of Arrow Catching for, let's say, one day. It could be usable a number of times per day equal to Arcane Gambler level and lasts a day. There could be three versions, Lesser Imbue Fortune, Imbue Fortune, and Greater Imbue Fortune that correspond to minor, medium, and major magical properties.

2008-05-16, 09:08 PM
I figure:
Swift action to do the draw, burning the spell slot.

One effect per draw. A "flush" and a "strait" happen when every card in your hand is the same suit or sequential. (Yes, this is easier with smaller draws).

The Flush and the Strait are thus designed to leverage off of the length of the set.

Oh, and rule out drawing a single card. That makes a strait flush too easy. :)


Instead of the "variable hand size", you could make the size of the effect vary with the level of the spell used to fuel the power.

Ie, where X is the level of the spell you burn (limited by your arcange gambler level):
Pair: +X luck to one next random roll you make, within 1 round.

Two Pair: +X luck to one random roll you make, and -X luck to one random roll an opponent makes, within 1 round.

Triple: +X luck to two random rolls you make within 1 round.

Strait: +(low card) luck to the next X rolls you make within X rounds. You may choose to skip this modifier, but it still uses up one of your X rolls.

Four of a Kind: Cause X dice to roll 1 within 1 round.

Flush: If black, all opponents take a -X/2 luck penalty to all die rolls (round up) for 1 round.
If red, all allies (not including you) get a +X/2 luck bonus to all die rolls (round up) for one round.
Regardless, gain a +X/2 (round down) luck bonus to all of your rolls for 1 round.

Full House: +X luck to two random rolls you make within 1 round, and -X luck to two opponent's roll.

Strait Flush: +(low card) luck to next X rolls made within X rounds.
If black, all opponents take a -(low card) luck penalty to all rolls for 1 round.
If red, all allies get a +(low card) luck bonus to all rolls.

Royal Flush: Luck of the Gods
For one round, gain a 10*X Luck bonus to:
AC, Saves, To-hit rolls, Caster level checks
Gain SR and PR of 10+10*X for one round.
2*X Luck bonus to all other rolls for one round.
Become immune to all (Su) abilities that you wish to be immune to, for one round.
Finally, the first time you roll any given size of die (even if you are rolling many at once), it turns up maximized. (If this triggers a reroll, the reroll is not maximized).
These effects end at the beginning of your next turn.


That has much of the same feel, gives out fewer +10 bonuses, and it means you are always drawing 5 cards. Less probability weirdness. :)


The essence of my suggestion is two-fold.
1> The idea of drawing a poker hand is neat! That is what makes the class interesting, more than anything else.

2> To tie it into a spellcasting class, have it burn spells/day slots to fuel it's abilities. This lets you have more powerful abilities (because you are basically casting spells), and it lets you include +arcane caster level (which makes spellcasting classes happy).

3> A class with "Arcane" in the name should involve spellcasting. :)

Soup of Kings
2008-05-17, 01:23 AM
Then again, I could simply change the name to "Mystic Gambler," "Mythic Gambler," "Legendary Gambler," or something like that. =P

But yeah, I'll look into changing all that stuff.

2008-05-17, 11:59 AM
I had written a reply to this last night, but it looks like the internets ate it :smallfrown:... I like the class idea, and could see it drawing some bards who have fallen from music, but think it needs a bit of polish.

I'm a bit concerned about the Aura of Plenty ability. 20% off goods and services adds up very quickly. I'm guessing that you're excluding magical items from that discount, but what about expensive material components, magic item creation materials, npc spell castings, spell purchasing, castle upkeep, etc. Goods and Services is a very wide thing in the PHB. It seems a very useful ability for the low level you could acquire it at, and might work better as a cap ability, eliminating Greater Aura entirely. I'd also consider dropping it to 10% after some play testing. The listen for money thing is very amusing though, and the radius looks good since everyone would just get the gambler to do all the shopping if it wasn't there.

Luck of the Draw - I like it, but I don't think you'll be able to actually use it to it's fullest as written. Since you could get into this class at level 6, you'd have 3rd level spells at best (2nd if you were a Bard). With the 2, maybe 3, spell progressions that are being talked about, you'd only get one more spell level while you were in the class. So even though you could draw up to class level, you wouldn't have a spell level that high to sacrifice until after you were done with the class and had gone back to a previous spell casting class; I really don't think that's a good way to setup the ability. It doesn't allow you to do anything with your cantrips either. Why not make it a draw 2+spell level ability? That way you should be able to use it fully by level 5 (2 spell casting ups assumed), and can try your luck with any of the spell slots available to you. It also eliminates the one card straight flush issue.

Since that one focuses on roll modifiers, you can still keep your original combat based draw as well. Move it up around level 4 to seperate them a bit. Might want to allow them to use it whenever they like, not just when they have a full deck, so long as they started the encounter with a full deck. That way they can use this ability, Luck of the Draw, and still throw cards without sacrificing any abilities.

Imbue Fortune I think is fine the way it is, though Yakk's cleanup suggestion is a good one. Might want to move it to level 3 though, just to seperate it from the ability it's based on. Imbue Misfortune seems unnecessary if you're going to adopt the Luck of the Draw ability, or you could rewrite it to allow you to use your luck reroll to force someone to reroll a d20 roll against you, taking the worse of the two results. If you allow the gambler control over when they use it, that could result in their winning a big hand (rerolling the opponents opposed check), or getting out of that really awful critical (rerolling the threat confirmation), etc.

Poker Face looks like a good ability, but you get it way too late. It starts at +4, goes up for a level, and then your done. I'd consider moving it down, to level 1 or 2, so that more use comes from it.

Finally, if you want to add arcane spellcasting requirements, just add "Able to cast 2nd level arcane spells" to your prereqs. Then add "+1 level of existing arcane class" to every even or odd level and you're set. I think 2 and 4 would be good levels to add them too, since this doesn't seem a spellcasting focused class. You could even add "all spells from the Luck domain are added to the arcane gambler's class spell list" to the Second Chance ability if you wanted them to have access to the spells as well as the luck reroll.

My $0.02 anyway. Hope it's helpful.

Soup of Kings
2008-05-17, 11:49 PM
I'll look into incorporating everyone's suggestions, I just haven't had time recently. However, I came up with a few neat ideas for incorporating the Luck Domain.

Idea one: The Arcane Gambler can prepare and cast any spell from the Luck Domain as an arcane spell. I dunno how well that would work, but whatever. In addition, the Arcane Gambler could spontaneously cast Luck spells like a Cleric does with cure or inflict spells.

Idea two: The Arcane Gambler could have a special ability which allows him to roll 1d10-1, and the ability functions as the Luck Domain spell level that he comes up with. The ability fails or has a harmful result on a natural 1. This would obviously make him very powerful, but introduces a lot of randomness. Alternatively, he could simply roll a die with sides equal to his highest spell level...

2008-05-18, 09:44 AM
Idea one: The Arcane Gambler can prepare and cast any spell from the Luck Domain as an arcane spell. I dunno how well that would work, but whatever. In addition, the Arcane Gambler could spontaneously cast Luck spells like a Cleric does with cure or inflict spells.

Well, for the first part of that, there's the Arcane Disciple (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Arcane_Disciple,CD) feat from Complete Divine. Just give it to the Arcane Gambler as a bonus feat for which he doesn't have to meet the prerequisites. It still requires him to have some Wisdom, so I don't think it'd be too unbalanced. Others might have a different view, though.

Soup of Kings
2008-05-23, 08:50 PM
Okay, changes made:

Removed Lucky Strike
Added arcane spellcasting as a prerequisite.
Added Arcane Disciple as a bonus feat, Luck domain only.
Reworded Imbue Fortune a little bit.
Overhauled the enhanced deck table and reworded the ability description. Check the OP for details. I made it impossible to stack the deck as well. It seems a bit wordy as is, but I'm a poor judge. Also, I tried to diversify the effects of the hands. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. I like flush. It "flushes" all his saves. :smalltongue: Also, I made you draw five plus the spell level burned so as to get at least a five card hand always. This also increases the odds of the nigh-impossible ones, but hopefully not too significantly. It may need tweaking.
Lowered the savings for Aura of Plenty.
Added levels of an existing spellcasting class at 2nd and 4th AG level.

I think I may need some new abilities for levels 3 and 5...
Anyway. look all that over and PEACH some more. Mmm...peaches... :smallsmile: