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Dan Bell
2008-05-14, 04:28 PM
Hello all

I am not trying to spam, but wanted to get the word out since I have paid out of pocket to create this for free for gamers to read & use:
I want to announce the release of “Nelafayn Quarry”, a new FREE pdf DOWNLOAD available for immediate download at http://www.lythia.com

While intended for Harn, the quarry may be easily dropped in ANY feudal kingdom in another gaming world/setting.

Nelafayn Quarry is a hillside limestone quarry just west of Abriel Abbey in northwest Kaldor near Dynes and Gedan. “Nelafayn Quarry” is also known as “Abriel Quarry” or “Herlan’s Tor” and all three terms are used by the locals. The site is located two and a half leagues southwest of Olokand on the north side of the Iver Stream in Nelafayn Hundred.

Nelafayn Quarry contains 10 pages:
1pp – Introduction and background
3pp – Quarrying, history, area info, feudal info & quarry residents
1pp – Color PC map
1pp – B&W GM map
1pp – Description of the local map
1pp – Interior scale map & detailed description of the lodge and adventure hooks
2pp – Detail in “friends, foes & followers” format of the quarry’s key NPC

Nelafayn Quarry is intended to be used with the Nelafayn Hundred Project: http://www.lythia.com/nelafayn/ and the project’s other articles.

-Daniel Bell

2008-05-14, 04:33 PM
Thanks Dan; this certainly isn't spam in my book. :smallsmile: