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2008-05-14, 08:25 PM
I've noticed that many monsters have sub-optimal feats. Take the Troll as presented in the SRD: Alertness, Iron Will, and Track. When creating homebrew, do you typically choose weak feats, or do you optimize feat choices as you would as a player?

I ask because I am tempted to give a homebrew plant with intelligence of 2 Psionic Hole and Mind Over Body. They're not terribly flavorful, but I'm honestly running out of decent feats...

::runs off to make feats for plants::

2008-05-14, 08:37 PM
For me, I typically use feats that seem appropriate, though usually I throw in Skill Focus or a "+2 to 2" feat, Dodge, or something like that if I can't think of anything better. I try not to optimize too much, because if you try to balance monsters to the standard CR system, better feats will definitely warrant a higher CR.

If you're interested in some variant feat lists, I think Dungeonscape (co-written by our very own Giant, Rich Burlew) has a whole section on giving standard monsters non-traditional feats. It's definitely worth checking out, and not just for the feat lists - everything about it is pretty good.

2008-05-19, 10:23 PM
I'm personally a big fan of weapon focus, iron will, lightning reflexes, great fortitude and spring attack (or fly by attack.) Those are really useful in combat, which is what really seems to matter for monsters.

2008-05-20, 02:13 AM
True depth of flavor over power, always... if you can give a creature a REASON for existing that has NOTHING to do with the ways it is likely to interact with the party 99% of the time, but is of literary excellence, I would go for it.