View Full Version : On the topic of glass...

2008-05-15, 10:47 PM
I don't have Sandstorm with me now, which is the subject of this question.
What happens when you make glass out of Black sand? Or any other sand for that matter?

Inyssius Tor
2008-05-16, 03:41 AM
I'm pretty sure that's not covered in the book...

For the Black Sand: it sounds like your call. I'd lean toward either the heat forcing some sort of hostile shadow entity (on fire, of course) out of the sand you're working with, or the process working perfectly and giving you a pane of black glass that happens to be an open window on the Plane of Shadows. Or a cup that imbues any liquid in it with negative energy. Or something along those lines.

2008-05-16, 09:43 AM
It wasn't in the book, which is why I asked.:smalltongue:

Thanks for the ideas.