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2008-05-16, 04:03 PM
Greetings all! My first post on these boards, hiya!

I'll get right to it:

I'm faced with making a 10th level rogue-type character using all core books with one exception: I can take one, count it, one non-core feat. I've already asked for Craven from Champions of Ruin and of course the DM said no because those are "evil" feats and this is a "relatively good" campaign.

So my question to you is thus: What non-core feat would you take for a 10th level rogue or some variation of a 10 level rogueish build? Think rogue 5/fighter4/shadowdancer 1 or rogue 10, with all builds almost certainly including two weapon fighting.

The problem is that I can take one non-core feat and everything else must be core -- ie, even if I wanted to take Daring Outlaw I couldn't take Swashbuckler so Daring Outlaw would be useless. Likewise I can't take the penetrating strike variant from Dungeonscape, the dark template from Tome of Magic, etc. I can't even take Invisible Blade, my nigh-favorite rogueish Prc. Sad state of affairs, I know =/.

So really I just want to know what non-core feat you all would consider most essential (Craven excluded, sadly -- and yeah, that's lame!) for a 10th level pure or multiclassed rogue type character who apart from this one feat is being built exclusively from the 3 core books. So far I'm thinking Improved Buckler Defense or one of the acrobatic feats from Complete Adventurer/Scoundrel. Maybe Raptor School or something equally silly from CW. Thoughts? :D

Reel On, Love
2008-05-16, 04:09 PM
It almost has to be Staggering Strike, from the Complete Adventurer.

If you can wait until 12, it should be Savvy Rogue, from Complete Scoundrel. (Being able to do STR damage with Crippling Strike even to those immune to your sneak attack? Tasty.)
Edit: Savvy Rogue at level 12 is as a pure Rogue, or a Rogue 2/Fighter or Ranger 2.

"The" core rogue build is Rogue 16/Fighter 2/Ranger 2; up to you when you want to dip what. I'd say Rogue 8/Ranger 2 is fine for level 10... except you'd be giving up the Rogue 10 Special Ability, which could be, say, Crippling Strike.

2008-05-16, 04:36 PM
I'll pre-empt Chronos and recommend Darkstalker, from Lords of Madness. It's a great addition to your stealth abilities.

It is from Lords of Madness, but your DM might allow it anyway; it has the following differences from Craven:

Craven is actually from Champions of Ruin, not Lords of Madness. Champions of Ruin is a setting-specific book and I guess your DM considers that it is for villains.
According to its name and fluff text, Craven is for evil purposes. Darkstalker, on the other hand, according to its fluff text, is for being especially good at fighting against usually-evil creatures (i.e. aberrations). Present it as being similar to the dragon-slayer feats from Draconomicon.

Savvy Rogue is also an excellent option, though.