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=Religion Among the Inhabitants of Ithaeric=
Among the peoples of Ithaeric, five gods are commonly worshiped above all others. Each god is the patron deity for each race, but there is a large overlap between followers. These gods have temples scattered throughout the world, along with temples of many religions. The pantheons of Greyhawk, Faerün and Eberron all exist and are worshipped, but their importance on the global scale is greatly reduced to their respective peoples, rather than gods who alter the face of the earth, such as the ones below. As always, these gods may be used as standalone deities.

• Note: The Chromatic Avatar and The Twilight Prodigy are often referred to as "The Ascendancy".
• Note: The remaining three deities are often known as "The Three Immortals".

=The Ithaerian Pantheon=
===The Chromatic Avatar===
The Chromatic Avatar is known among the [[Ghost Elves]] as a benevolent and powerful individualist who created the universe. He is the first cornerstone of the universe, and all things must come from him, and all things must ultimately return to him. His titles include "The Creator", "The Wellspring" or "The One". He is undeniably recognized as the greatest god of the pantheon. Patron deity of the Ghost Elves, he is most often worshiped by those who seek a more in depth understanding of the universe and the things it contains, such as Wizards and Druids. His alignment is True Neutral, and he is associated with the Travel, Knowledge and Earth Domains. His favored weapon is the Quarterstaff.

===The Twilight Prodigy===
The Twilight Prodigy is known among the [[Saphkir]] as a cunning and devious deity. It is said that he came into being when the universe was rent asunder, and put back into order again by the Chromatic Avatar. Most powerful at his namesake hour of twilight, his titles include "The Manipulator", 'The Rascal" or "The Trickster". Second in power among the Ithaerian Pantheon, he is the patron deity of the Saphkir, and is most often worshipped by those who share the same cunning and ruthlessness that he himself possesses. Worshippers include Rogues and Sorcerers alike, and his alignment is Lawful Evil, representing the drive one must possess in order to achieve favor among his followers. His domains include the Chaos, Trickery and Magic Domains. His favored weapon is the Dagger.

===Honor Incarnate===
Patron deity of the [[Igmarins]], this deity represents all that is honorable and disciplined. Created along with his brother and sister, he is on par with them in terms of power scale, although his strong leadership qualities have often attributed him to more worshippers. Those who worship the Honor Incarnate often hold themselves to strict credo or codes of honor, and his titles have often included "The Soldier", "The Righteous" or "The Punisher". He is most often worshipped by warriors, or those who seek to pursue a greater cause or to achieve a name for themselves in the world, such as Fighters, Clerics and Paladins. His alignment is Lawful Good and his domains include the Law, Protection and Strength Domains. His favored weapon is the Mace.

===Soul Incarnate===
Patron deity to the [[Tilwari]], this deity represents a soul's rise to the heavens upon death. Formed from the concept of a Dust to Dust relationship, followers believe that she is the patron of the dead, and through her must pass all souls on their way to their respective heavens. An ingenious individual, she is often called "The Brain", "The Mother" or "The Gateway". She is a brilliant individual sporting great wisdom and artistic ability, causing classes such as the Ranger or Bard to worship her. The subject of alignment when referring to the Soul Incarnate is often muddy, and she is often referred to as Chaotic Evil for the disruptive power of death, however, this is a misinterpretation by many. Most individuals consider her Chaotic Evil, but it is really the teaching of corrupt necromancers who have given her a bad reputation. Her domains include the Death and Destruction Domains and strangely enough, the Healing Domain. Her favored weapon is the Scythe.

===Freedom Incarnate===
The final deity of the Ithaerian Pantheon, Freedom Incarnate represents a person's right to choose for themselves. Youngest of the Immortals, Freedom Incarnate came about as an alternative to the harsh and oppressive lifestyle advocated by those following the Honor Incarnate. Often called "The Liberator", 'The Rebel" or "The Revolutionary", Freedom Incarnate is a conduit for all those who strive for a free and open lifestyle. Patron deity of the [[Pirqag]], many who worship him include Monks, and Barbarians, for the seeking of freedom and enlightenment. His alignment is Chaotic Good and his domains include Chaos, Air and Luck Domains. His favored weapon is the Axe.