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2008-05-17, 08:51 PM
Can somebody point me to any information regarding the Dragonborn (blech!), and Tieflings? Do we have any cultural or environmental fluff that I can draw on to determine where in my world these things come from or if they should have any Kingdoms or City-States out in the frontier (the only blank area of my huge map) or anything?

2008-05-17, 09:45 PM
Races and Classes is a good resource for this.

Essentially, in standard fluff, they both had kingdoms (both located in the desert as I understand it, tho I might be wrong about tieflings), but the kingdoms were long ago destroyed. The two kingdoms of tieflings and dragonborn warred often, and theres notes about a couple battlegrounds and cities.

Dragonborn, to paraphrase, had a society based around ancestor and dragon worship before the fall of their empire (which was Bahamut based), however, after the fall of the empire, continued their soldierly and honorable traditions. They currently live within other cultures, but still maintain a cultural link with one another. Its mentioned that they might be found as mercenaries.

Tieflings, like the dragonborn, integrated into other societies after their empire was destroyed. However, their cultural links to the former empire and culture are far less noticeable. They tend to be a bit more individualistic. They also have funny weapons.

Anyways, thats a summary of whats in the book. Theres approximately 4 pages for each race if you feel like glancing at it in a bookstore or something.

2008-05-18, 03:57 AM
I remembered some info I ran across in the Forgotten Realms setting:


The pertinent bit is about the Dragonborn near the bottom, or this:

Tymanther, Land of the Dragon Warriors
Along the shore of the Alamber Sea, old Unther was swept away by a catastrophic outbreak of the Spellplague. Where once ancient Unther stood now stands an arid mesa-land inhabited by draconic humanoids calling themselves dragonborn. This is the realm of Tymanther. The dragonborn have proven to be a proud, martial race, and in the decades since the Year of Blue Fire they have slowly tamed the ruined changeland from the Riders to the Sky all the way to the Black Ash Plain.

Some say that the dragonborn are creations of Tiamat, hatched from vast incubators hidden beneath temples of the dragon-goddess in the cities of Unther. Others believe that the dragonborn are descended from the human population of the old empire, changed by the touch of the Spellplague into something no longer human. But the truth of the matter is even stranger: As it did in many other places in Faerűn, the Spellplague opened the door to some other realm entirely, wrenching the aeries and castles of the dragonborn from their native land—wherever that once was—and depositing them amid the chaos of devastated Unther.

The dragonborn of Tymanther are highly militarized, and the “lords” of the land are those dragonborn who have proven themselves capable of leading their fellows. It is a harsh and unforgiving meritocracy, and each of the kingdom’s great clans is organized more like an army than a noble house. In the world from which they came, the dragonborn fought many terrible wars against true dragons, and they still harbor an ancestral hate for the winged wyrms.

Tymanther lies atop the rubble of ancient Unther, and Untheric ruins are common throughout the land. Even in its decline, Unther was a rich and populous land, and many palaces and treasure vaults of the God-King’s favorites still wait to be discovered. In other places, broken cities carried into Faerűn from Tymanther’s appearance are likewise storehouses of gold, gems, and magical artifacts. Unfortunately, many powerful monsters settled into these Untheric and Tymantheran ruins during the Plague Years, and still pose a deadly threat to those who delve too deeply.

Best I can dig up at the moment.