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2008-05-19, 12:06 PM

Valtor the Mighty (http://www.yourgamesnow.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2190)

Author: John Adams
Contents: 6 black and white pages, 0.5 title page, 1.5 pages of information, 1 page of Labyrinth Lord Spells, 1 page of OSRIC spells, and 2 open game license pages.
Publisher: Brave Halfling Publishing
Product Code: ?
Retail Price: $1.00 (pdf)


A short description of a major deity intended for use with traditional swords & sorcery adventures and campaigns. The first two pages consist of a description of Valtor the Mighty and his cult, as well as five ceremonies important to his worship; this is supplemented by three black and white compositions, well rendered in accordance with the old school aesthetic. The third page consists of seven new spells for use with Labyrinth Lord, six of which are then translated for use with OSRIC on the fourth page.

The description of Valtor and his cult is relatively brief, leaving plenty of room for the Game Master to expand upon, but contains enough information to leave a definite impression of the nature of his divinity. Clerics of Valtor are slightly different from the standard, being more focused on feats of arms, which is reflected in their deity specific spells; they are also capable of creating a potent magical item (perhaps too potent) at fifteenth level. I could imagine a player choosing to be a cleric of Valtor over a standard cleric, but I think it would be a tough decision, which is a good indication that there is minimal power creep.


This is a laudable idea and an inexpensive product, but I think it could stand to be improved. In terms of content I would have liked to have had more detail as to his cult, mythology, legends, and perhaps an example of a temple and cleric. These would make it easier to use Valtor quickly in a short adventure or long term campaign, which I think is the kind of thing this would be well suited to.

With regards to layout, I feel that a full title page and back cover would have improved the overall look of the document, especially if I were going to print it out. The Labyrinth Lord advert ought to be either excised, given its own unnumbered page, or integrated into the back cover. Itís also unfortunate that the second page of OGL bleeds over onto the advert page. On the whole, I think I would have preferred for there have to been two separate documents for the two systems supported.


If you are looking for a warlike deity to drop into your out of print Dungeons & Dragons or simulacrum game and are willing to part with a dollar, then Valtor the Mighty is worth your consideration.


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