View Full Version : Races of Eberron - Moonspeaker PrC question

Brother Numsie
2008-05-19, 06:00 PM
Hi, I'm interested in playing a Druid in one of my friends higher level campaigns and he's allowed me to use the Shifter race and all that comes with it. I will be going with the Moonspeaker PrC and the Shifter Druid substitution levels.

What I wanted to know about is the "Shifter Integration (ex)" ability. It states that at lvl 11 of the PrC the Shifter gains the use of his full primary trait even when not shifting. Does this include the bonuses granted by shifter feats associated with his primary trait? Example: Cliffwalk, gives him +2 dex and a climb speed of 20' and with the "Cliffwalk Elite (feat)" he gains an extra 10' to his climb speed. Would he gain the feat benefit as well??

It really doesn't matter if he gains it or not since I'm going with the Dreamsight trait, just would be good to know if I would change my mind... ;)