View Full Version : Smiting Spell

2008-05-20, 06:41 AM
Soo... I was thinking about this, and, well, what are the best things to use it with? (particularly looking at Core + PHBII, here)

Vamp. Touch? Harm? What else?

If you use Harm with it... does the weapon damage happen before or after the spell effect?

Incidentally, for amusement value... Heal? Shoot someone with Longbow of Distance + Far Shot, and you can Heal a friend at over 400 metres...

2008-05-20, 07:36 AM
Combust? 2nd level spell, deals up to 10d8 damage.

2008-05-20, 09:00 PM
Abjurant Champion gish builds get the most use out of this feat, I think. At low levels, Shocking Grasp is pretty solid for damage. Later on, Ghoul Touch and Vampiric Touch are nice, so is Bestow Curse.