View Full Version : Master Transmogrifist

2008-05-20, 01:48 PM
Hey there! I'm playing a 3.5 Edition game right now, and I tried the Sorcerer for a change. I'm enjoying it and plan to take the Master Transmogrifist Prestige Class (from Complete Arcane) at my 9th level. I'm not used to full casters to begin with, and while I'm enjoying it I am a bit new to the whole thing. So I'm wondering, has anyone ever played as a Master Transmogrifist, or with one? I'm looking for advice on spell selection as my sorcerer levels, feat selection, etc. For example: should I take feats that pump up my spells while I'm in human form, for when I don't shapeshift? Should I take Silent Spell and Still Spell so that, in case of emergency, I can cast spells while shapeshifted? Should I take feats that allow me to do more cool stuff while shapeshifted? And so forth. Really, any advice at all about playing Sorcerers in general or Transmogrifists specifically - even magic items I should look for. Thanks!