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2008-05-21, 12:57 AM
The Multiattack thread got me thinking...

Theoretically, is there any reason you couldn't cast Girallon's Blessing on someone repeatedly, and get them many, many arms?

I know that spell bonuses don't stack with themselves, as a general rule. But Girallon's Blessing doesn't give any bonuses, it just causes you to sprout 2 extra limbs.

If it is legal to cast repeatedly and thus get multiple arms, imagine what an Incantrix could do... easily pulling off ten or twelve persistent castings of it a day... Multiweapon Fighting, 26 attacks at full base attack bonus.

So, is that legal?


2008-05-21, 01:12 AM
Bonuses and penalties from the same source do not stack.

2008-05-21, 01:15 AM
But it's not a bonus or penalty, it's an affect, like changing shape to look like whatever you polymorph into is an affect.

Unless you consider them to be "bonus arms."


2008-05-21, 01:22 AM
Doesn't really matter, I think; there's other examples of the general rule of 'effects from the same source overlap, not stack'- check the stuff about Temporary HP, for example. Unfortunately I'm using the SRD as primary reference at the moment, and it's not very conducive to looking up the rule directly. Still..

But it's not a bonus or penalty, it's an affect, like changing shape to look like whatever you polymorph into is an affect.

Going with that, you still can't stack the same affect on yourself. If you get Polymorphed twice, you still only become one creature.

2008-05-21, 01:23 AM
When multiple identical spells are in effect on the same target, only the best/most recent casting is in effect, the other castings are still there, but supressed.

2008-05-21, 01:26 AM
Alright, I'll buy that, reluctantly.

So much for my 34 armed barbarian plans...

Still, maybe my Gish should take Multi-weapon fighting.


Irreverent Fool
2008-05-21, 01:29 AM
The above is correct. Otherwise every mage would have several dozen mirror images at level 2.

Crazy Scot
2008-05-21, 01:33 AM
I have brought up this question before, and here is the link to the thread. here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77436)

Also, I have found a way around it to a small degree. While a creature can only gain the benefits of one Girallon's Blessing at a time, there is another spell which grants a similar benefit. And since it is from a different spell the effects would stack. The spell is called Arms of Plenty and it is found in the book Lords of Madness.


2008-05-21, 07:43 AM
Hmmm... now I wonder if throwing 3 levels of Incantrix into a Gish build would be worth it. Multiweapon Fighting Gish with 6 arms...


2008-05-21, 12:39 PM
Add two levels of Totemist (Magic of Incarnum) for the Girallon Arms soulmeld, bound to the Totem chakra, for another two arms.

Inyssius Tor
2008-05-21, 01:28 PM
I may as well link to Fax Celestis' Pauper of Smack (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41214), which specializes in getting a whole bunch of natural attacks. I suspect it could be improved...

(as well as the somewhat less related King of Smack (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=227556), because I can.)

2008-05-21, 01:50 PM
Girallion Blessing + Fuse Arms = Wacky