View Full Version : (Humor) Please help me for Magic Item stats!

2008-05-21, 08:40 AM
Hi people. I'd need help to find all stats of a magic items (value, components to make one, etc etc). I've seen it on OotS, and I'm going to import it in my D&D campaign.

The item is the Shoulderpads of Sarcasm. The most known owned is Roy (from the first strip), but Daigo eventually got a pair after his wedding, and it's seems to be the same object (well, just identical, not the very same).

The main power is to make the owner Sarcastic. And that is a good power, worthy the side effects: "Attract Moronic Bards" and "Baldness".
Does someone knows of any other value or stat of this magic object?


2008-05-22, 02:11 AM
I think it should be in homebrewing anyway. That said, I think shoulderpads of sarcasm could give a +5 to +10 to Sarcasm checks (that both Roy and Daigo already have as class skills, and Roy have it maxed out).