View Full Version : Blade Quisinart Build - Advice

2008-05-21, 07:49 PM
Okay, someone was bragging about his monk/master thrower build that had an insane number of attacks using shuriken and saying ToB isn't overpowered because of this. Despite the fact that his attacks are doing crap damage (no precision based damage at all, he should have at least thrown in some Rogue). So I'm wanting to show him that I can crank out about as many attacks as he can, only they do damage.

To this end:

I'm thinking a Warblade (although I may have to go Swordsage just to pick up the maneuvers I want)/Bloodclaw Master.

The Combo:

Duo-wielding I'm not sure yet, but probably has to be Kukri's. Time Stands Still, with Raging Mongoose Boost to dish out an insane number of attacks. Oh, wait, we start at range? Fine, Round 1: Pouncing Charge Strike + Raging Mongoose Boost, Round 2: Time Stands Still + Raging Mongoose Boost. Use Blood In The Water stance with Improved Critical: Kukri (or just Keen) for maximum benefit.


Swordsage/Bloodclaw Master

Doing the above, but in a Shadow Hand stance, using the feat to use Dex instead of Str for damage, and can also teleport up into melee on the first round. Can even dump Str, go Halfling for the size bonus, and get Baffling Defense to out-monk the monk. Not as high a BAB, though.

Am I heading in the right direction?