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meet shield
2008-05-23, 01:23 PM
Hi to everyone!
I'm going to play a new character, a
1st level crusaider (ToB)
4th level battle sorcerer (UA)
1st level spellsword (CW)
9th level Jade Phoenix Mage

I plaied gish other times, but in the past I used list of spell pre configurated, like warmage (I know, that class suck, but was the only way for be not so much cheese...:smallbiggrin:)

Well, I didi all the character, but I need some help for the choose of the spell...

I cast as a sorcerer of 12th level, for who doesn't know the Batlle sorcerer.
Also, I was thinking at some buff spell of low level, like, third or less, some divination, some mass blast, some situation buff, and maibe some utilities...

Can you propose me some spells that you think usefull?

I'm sorry for my bad english, but... well... I wrote my name wrong as a warning (I know yhat is meAt shield...:smallwink:)

Thank you really much

2008-05-23, 01:34 PM
well id first look here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18500) at the guide to being batman

meet shield
2008-05-23, 01:50 PM
well... can you give me the guido to sorcery? I think is better for me...

2008-05-23, 01:55 PM
I deemed this one worth of reference, although it doesn't delve in Gish terretory.

An while you're at it:

What I like:

Get combat reflexes and a spear.
Get improved trip, knock back, ...
Arcane strike might be worth it.
Get a spellstoring Weapon. Fill it with an empowered scorching ray or a nice debuff.
Get enlarge,
grease, true strike, mirror image, greater invisibility (an invisible AoO-ist rocks)
Vampiric Touch (good for spellstoring)
Solid Fog

Get wands of Shield, protection from Evil, Enlarge, Expeditious retreat, true strike. Use them a lot as prebuffs.

2008-05-23, 01:57 PM
Entirely off topic, but if your english is poor being on a forum is a bad idea. You will pick up bad habits!


That is a good one.

Also, plaied is spelled played as maibe is spelled maybe. You are understandable and seem to have a good grasp of the basics. Keep working on it! =D

2008-05-23, 01:58 PM
What sort of feats and stats are you going for? Basically what I'm wondering is if a spell has a save, will your DCs be high enough to make it worthwhile? For a decent guide, look for Solo's Stupendous Sorcerer guide. It's already published and says most of what I'd have said about a sorc anyway.

Iku Rex
2008-05-23, 02:00 PM
Books available? Feats?

meet shield
2008-05-23, 02:16 PM
It's really long to explain... the basics of the pc is "I have a big jovar that make 8d6 base damage, I had once and half strenght and Cha to the damage, and I have a critical 15-20/ x 1d4. I use the matrix for have some buff like displacement, and then I will go in melee, using some extra rapid spell for still buffing myself or the rapid strike ability of the JPM. In a particular situation, I will have the buff for adapt me to this situation. And in war, I have manouvres and spell for destroy army, if necessary. and of combat, I also have some divination, or utilities, for help. Not really a lot, but something.
If that means something, I have create magic items and create magic weapons and armor.
My Cha is like 26, maybe 28. But it's not really important, because I don't want spells like save or die or similar, I don't like, them, and with my Dm they're probably useless. My mass blast are only for war, when I fight minions, without reflexes...or fortitude. or also will.

2008-05-23, 08:19 PM
I have a big jovar that make 8d6 base damage,A couple of hints (i'm not big on rules, but I can help you make more understandable posts :) )
1 Whats a jovar?
2 Don't use "make". You should use "does". It is a mistake you keep repeating :) (does means do/inflict/cause to happen. Make means create/craft/cause to exist)

meet shield
2008-05-24, 04:10 PM
I'm sorry!:smalltongue:
A Jovar is, elementary, a particular two-hands blade tipical of Solars.
It's an esotic two-hands weapon that does 2d6 base damage and have a critical 18-20/x2.

My jovar is a bit different because, well, I have keen and maining as dweomer on it, and it's also considerated as a colossal weapon for damage, but in fact is a medium +2 size, I don't know the english name. maybe enormous?
Why? well, is simply, at the end:
I am a human with:
monkey's grasp (feat)
a jovar made by gold (material, but I also need a feat for use it)
enlarge person at will
bracers of Titan

so, I considerate my weapon as four size superior for damage, and that means: 2d6-3d6-4d6-6d6-8d6.
Nice, isn't it?:smallbiggrin:

meet shield
2008-05-26, 10:52 AM
Ok, I did my choose... thanks to everyone!
I will come back for tell you eventually problem.

2008-05-26, 11:50 AM
well... can you give me the guido to sorcery? I think is better for me...

No, we can't.

2008-05-26, 02:34 PM
I suggest you consider normal Sorcerer (or indeed, Wizard if you can switch stats accordingly; Crusaders get little in terms of Cha synergies), as you'd only lose 1 point of BAB, and ultimately that's minor compared to the ability to not have a totally ****ed up spell list (really, Sorcerers themselves get way too few Spells Known, so you can't do nearly all you'd want to do picking up all the great Gish-spells; Battle Sorcerer is far worse).