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2008-05-23, 04:08 PM
Is this too powerful?

The way it reads in Spell compendium is that your grapple check has you level and wisdom bonus rather than your size and strength bonus, but that implies that you add your BAB. I crunched the numbers in a spreadsheet and it is way too tough. Anything but a fighter buffing his strength constantly is caught.

Assuming your wisdom parallels a fighter-type's strength (which it should) and your level parallels his BAB, you gain an advantage of your BAB over them. At higher levels this can mean tying up 2-3 equal level fighters for dozens of rounds. It also means trapping 6 rogues or casters easily.

I brought up the power of the spell to my DM, who suggested that it work without your BAB - this feels a bit weak, as it's of little use against full BAB progressions, but it's still quite reasonable against casters and rogue-types.

What do you guys think?

2008-05-23, 04:21 PM
If you tend to fight primarily humanoid (tending to Medium and not excessively strong) opponents, then yes, it may be too powerful for your group as written. The grapple bonuses the spell provides are needed for it to have much chance of success against grappling monsters, which tend to have extremely high Grapple checks compared to typical PCs.